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AaaRr 04-10-2009 09:54 PM

New Tank Set up What is Needed??
Ok well I am going to get my tank soon (100g). This is my first time at a reef tank well basically first time at any real tank. I was wondering what you guys think I need for a new tank. I plan on having a sump if that helps. I currently have nothing and the tank is not drilled but I think I might get it drilled also if I do that does anyone have a step by step overflow directions on DIY if so please explain like I am 5 yrs old so I understand everything. A fellow reefer recommend me a list of things that I would need if you guys would not mind adding on to it or listing certain brands that you like or think would be good please feel free to list them. Also if you have any sites that sells equipment cheap please list them to.


1. Power heads to create movement. At least two
2. Protein skimmer to remove dissolved solids and organics.
3. Overflow to allow water to flow out of the tank to sump, fuge or canister filter.
4. Tank or prebuilt for sump/fuge if using one
5. Canister filter if not using a sump/fuge
6. Pump for returning water from the sump/fuge to the tank. DO NOT exceed the flow of your over flow!
7. Plumbing for the overflow and return
8. Glass for baffles if using a tank instead of a prebuilt sump.
9. Silicone tank sealant to attach baffles.
10. Timer power strip/s
11. Lighting for the display tank and sump/fuge.
12. Live sand, or dead sand and a starter culture of live sand.
13. Base rock w/live rock, or live rock. Base rock is cheaper than live and will become live in a few weeks-months if you use a few pieces of live rock.
I never new that base rock could turn live does it really only take weeks to a couple months? I plan on having a mixed reef tank if that helps with the list.

Kellsindell 04-11-2009 12:24 AM

It can take a while to get the base rock to turn into live rock. What are your plans with this tank?

First, you'll need more then 2 pumps, if you are going to have corals in here. I don't recommend a canister filter and neither will most people on this forum (they become detritus traps that lead to issues).

For Sumps and Refugium: Understanding Sumps
Lights: Coral Lighting and Acclimation
both will be a good starting point for starting a new tank. Once you grasp these, then it's time to move on and decide what plans you have for the tank.

AaaRr 04-11-2009 01:35 AM

Ok I have spent some time in this forums before and already read the sump link but I re-read it and just read the coral and lighting. I would like to have a SPS and softies setup with maybe one or two LPS I know mixing is not smart but they would go in at the end to see if they are capataiable with everything in the tank. I am going to do a sump that was always the plan never wanted to do a canister. How much rock would you recommend for a 100 gallon tank and how much sand I am thinking about doing a shallow sand bed. How many pumps do you think I will need? Also when you say pumps in your last post did you mean power heads?

Kellsindell 04-11-2009 12:32 PM

yeah, pumps is an alternate to powerheads, If you are wanting a shallow sand bed then i'd recommend you using an inch of sand and nothing close to 2-3in that can cause issues. LR (live rock) or BR (base rock) is your preferance, the general rule of thumb is 2lbs per gallon. So you'll need 200lbs of rock. that's a lot which is why may will go with base rock as it will indeed turn into LR.

AaaRr 04-11-2009 08:06 PM

How much sand do you think I will need for 1inch bed? I plan on putting eggcrate down then putting BR then LR then the sand how much sand do you think I will need if I do it like that? Also what type of blowers do you recommend and how many for this type of tank? Basically the only LFS is petco so what website do you recommend for buying these items on?

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