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ursie 07-19-2013 09:20 AM

New to keeping fish, some help on stocking?
I am relatively new to keeping tropical freshwater fish. I own a 70L community tank with 6 glow light tetras, 5 pygmy corydoras and a pair of white mollies. I also own a 48L community tank with 3 penguin tetras and 3 corydoras. Plus a 20L tank with a black crowntail betta, (he is beautiful)! All tanks contain plenty of live plants and hiding places.

I have owned these tanks since the beginning of the year, (pretty much got one after the other, fish keeping turns out to be very addictive).

To be honest I've been too scared to join any of these fish keeping forums before for fear of getting abuse, but you all seem so nice and helpful.

I'm mainly concerned about the stocking density of my tanks, some expert opinions would be much appreciated! I'm quite sure that the penguin tetras would be happier in a larger shoal but I'm scared of overstocking. (Pretty sure the 70L may be overstocked already)? Any ideas for these tanks? :-)

ZivaD 07-19-2013 11:16 AM

Hi, and welcome! You are quite right, fish keeping is rather addicting and tanks seem to multiply overnight, lol.

The first thing that I noticed is you have soft water fish (tetras) in with hard water fish (the mollies). Also, yes, your penguin tetras need a larger shoal. If my online converter is doing the math right it looks like you have tanks that are roughly 18, 12 and 5 gallons in volume. Are they all rectangular tanks or are they specialty/shaped tanks such as hexagon? That can play into what sort of actual dimensions the tanks are. If you can provide the actual dimensions it will help as the "footprint" (bottom area) will come into play with stocking suggestions for the corys and the length/width (swimming area) will play into the appropriateness for fish that like to swim about a lot.

jaysee 07-19-2013 02:53 PM

Welcome to the forum

The people that seem to get "abused" are the ones that come asking questions but only want to hear ONE answer, and when they don't get that answer they begin a process of rephrasing the same question over and over trying to get that ONE answer that they want to hear, which will validate what it is they would like to do. Those types of people will have a problem and ask for advice, then argue with everyone who tries to help them. They have no idea what the problem is, but they are certain they know what it's NOT :-)

You don't seem like one of those people at all, so I don't think you have to worry about being abused in any way. Do disagreements arise? Of course they do. I think some people can take things personally when someone disagrees with how they do things. I'm sure such people feel abused sometimes, but this is an online forum for the purpose of expressing ideas and sharing knowledge - SOMEONE is sure to disagree with SOMETHING along the way. It's no different than real life.

The last case of abuse that I can think of off the top of my head is the person that expresses an opinion but cannot defend their opinion when challenged. Opinions are challenged from time to time - that's all part of the information sharing that goes on. All we want to know is why someone thinks what they think or what led them to believe what they believe. I know for me, I'm hoping to learn something - we all have different experiences. it's not malicious :-)

I think the 70L is already overstocked in that it's a small tank for mollies. It's not aweful, but they can get fairly large and in my experience a bit aggressive in a small tank when they grow up. They are group oriented fish, so it would be best to have more than 2. In my opinion, it would be better for you to return them and get platys or guppies instead. I think you can probably increase the tetras and the corys in the tank by a few each, assuming you don't have an odd shaped aquarium (as was already asked). That with a group of guppies would make a nice tank.

As for the 48L, I am assuming the corys are full size. I would switch them out for the pygmy corys and have the larger fish in the larger tank. Otherwise, I would just keep them at 3 because I don't think the tank is large enough to support any larger of a school. If you did switch them, I would only get 1, maybe 2 more of the larger corys, because the larger tank is still a bit small for them. I would do a similar swap with the penguin and glowlight tetras - put the larger fish in the larger tank. And as with the corys, if you swapped tetras I would get a few more penguins.

rexpepper651 07-19-2013 03:18 PM

lol horseface

ursie 07-20-2013 09:16 AM

Thank you for the great advice! The 70L is a Juwel Rekord 700, which is W61cm x D31cm x H46.5cm. The 48L is an Interpet Fish Pod, which is W39cm x D33cm x H43cm. Not sure about the 20L betta tank but the width is longer than the depth.

My mollies are quite small, how large can I expect them to grow? They may even be platies, it wouldn't surprise me if they were labeled incorrectly at the store, (same store that told me three penguin tetras would be okay in a 48L with three corys)! I could take some pictures of the mollies for identification? It is a shame as they are lovely active fish but if nothing else works out I can find them a new home.

To be awfully honest I have no idea to test the hardness/softness of the water! Although I know how to test for the pH and check the ammonium and nitrate levels.

So maybe I could move my fish around a bit and get some more to make them a little happier? Something like:

6 penguin tetra
4 peppered cory

6 glowlight tetra
5 pygmy cory

Plus finding a new home for the platies/mollies, whatever they turn out to be? My pygmy corys are quite small at the moment, about a cm long. The peppered corys are also rather small. Not really happy with the shape of the 48L, I may set up an aquarium of similar size, (maybe a little bigger), with a more suitable shape, move the glowlights and the pygmys once it is cycled and sell the old one.

Tell you what, I wish I'd researched more before getting into all this. Just shows you can't really trust the opinions of those working at the pet store! I guess they need to make a sale at the end of the day.

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