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marinebiologist21 04-09-2009 08:14 PM

Stocking Ideas for a 44G
I am moving up from a 29G to a 44G corner tank... any stocking ideas?
I am down with anything.

JohnnyD44 04-09-2009 08:42 PM

what about a big school of neon tetras, some red eye tetras, corie cat fish and some other stuff?

I've always been a fan of big having multiple large schools, thats just me though!

aquakid 04-09-2009 09:09 PM

S.A. Biotope w/

3-4 Angelfish

Neon Tetras



marinebiologist21 04-10-2009 07:43 AM

Wouldn't the angelfish eat the neon tetras as they grow?

Also, just inquiring about cichlids. How many African cichlids could I have in a tank?
Or any other type of cichlids?

I like the angelfish idea, I really do- but I'm just concerned about them eating the tetras. :)

willow 04-10-2009 01:38 PM

i had both neons and an angel together,
the neons were in the tank first,and the angel added later,the angel in question
was a Koi,and it was bought when very small,and grew up with the neons.
perhaps i was very lucky,however none of the neons went missing.

marinebiologist21 04-10-2009 06:57 PM

Hmm.. any other ideas?

veganchick 04-10-2009 07:08 PM

Blue or gold rams, cories, neons, and a couple of guppies or something? Maybe a dwarf or honey gourami

eileen 04-10-2009 07:48 PM

I have a 55 gal tank that is a community tank that has 1 anglefish,a school of 7 glowlight tetras, 2 male gold dust mollies, 1 male balloon molly, 1 female blk dalmation molly, 2 albino plecos, a school of 6 Harlequen Rasboras. You can also add Cory catfish to this for the bottom of your tank. Think of the 3 levels. Top, Middle, Bottom. I was reading post to see what to put in my new 55 gal. tank. I was told that if you get 1 baby angelfish it will grow up with the rest of your fish in the tank and get along. I have had no problems with the 1 angelfish. I needed 1 larger fish in the tank. If you get a pair you might have a problem as they will fight if they pair off and be mean to all the other fish. That's why I only have 1 now it's about 4" big now but was about 1" when I got it and can grow to 6" big. It might bother any newer smaller fish you add to the tank that it did not grow up with.

If you go with aAfrican Cichlid Beware. They will have alot of babies. I can find alot for free on Craigslist in my area. They also get to be about 8" when they reach adulthood and are semi-aggressive. I think you can mix them with other cichlids only. They are really pretty. I my self like a different mix of fish in my tank. Remember go by 1" per gallon to keep your water quality good. This is adult size to go by.

Try using this web site:
Tropical Fish and Aquariums Compatibility

This will help you in finding what goes good with what fish. I saved this web site under my favorites. It's a big help.

marinebiologist21 04-11-2009 07:34 AM

I like the idea of a South American biotope with the aneglfish, etc.
Are real plants good to have in that?

marinebiologist21 04-11-2009 08:48 AM

One more thing- I keep hearing pairs are aggressive [angelfish]. Will 3 of them be okay with smaller fish they grow up with?
Also, in a S.A Biotope- what do you usually have in it? I have thought of some real plants, sinking logs, what else? What type of substrate? Gravel or sand?

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