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Tundra9 04-09-2009 02:07 PM

Guppys all at top....HELP!!!!
Ok so i was looking at my guppies and i noticed that about half of them are at the top of the tank grouped together and there is a few on the same side at the bottom lying down but then i have a few platies acting normal. my water seems fine.

ammonia- .25
nitrate- ~7.0
Nitrite- .5

please help i dont want to loss my fish!!!

willow 04-09-2009 02:44 PM

how long has the tank been up and running for ?
as there shouldn't really be and readings for amonia or nitrite.
you need to do a water change to lessen the toxic affects.

Tundra9 04-09-2009 02:56 PM

i have only had it up for 3 weeks.....

willow 04-09-2009 04:25 PM

ok,well you'll be in your cycle,and i hope that your fish will be ok.
guppies are not the best to start with.
do you have any friends near to you with fish ?
if you do ask them if they would donate something from their filter,
that you could put into yours.
the readings that you'll want will be Amonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 10-20 under 40
probably in about another 3 weeks,if you are unable to get something donated.
i would say water changes will help the fish get through it,don't touch the filter
to clean it at all,leave it to build up all the bacteria that it needs.

Tundra9 04-09-2009 07:10 PM

ok thanks.....i will have to find someone near by.....thanks for your help!!

willow 04-10-2009 05:43 AM

not a problem if there is no one around,you can still cycle the tank.
there are products on the market,however it is a little hit and miss to how
good they are.

Oldman47 04-11-2009 01:17 PM

Don't forget that big water change to get ammonia and nitrites both below 0.25 ppm. Waiting for help or trying various chemical answers is a waste of precious time when the fish need fresh water now. Nitrites tend to suffocate the fish which is why they are all at the surface. They are looking for oxygen but can't get it efficiently with the nitrites in the water.

Spoon 04-16-2009 10:08 PM

Daily water changes, at least 25% (5 gallons) till you are cycled. You are probably at the top of the hump, another week and you should be allright. It would probably help if you had an airstone in there.

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