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stevef10 04-09-2009 12:26 PM

Bamboo shrimp reappeared!!
We put 2 bamboo shrimp in our 29 gallon tank about a month ago. They stayed on top of the heater for like 2 days straight and then disappeared. I thought they both died and were eaten or there bodies were hidden really well because we hadn't seen them since. Until last night when this guy appeared!!

Has anybody else had this happen before? Is it normal for them to only come out once a month? Are they just hiding REALLY well? I had read that they will sit in the same place for a couple days straight but a whole month???

I couldn't believe it when I saw him but maybe the other one is hiding in there somewhere too!

willow 04-09-2009 02:09 PM

i kept these a while back,they normally sit on the filter outflo catching bits of
food re entering the tank,they would sometimes come down into the main part
and collect anything floating through the water or picking bits from the gravel,plants.
i had a picture of it on a rock surounded with tiger barbs,like they were having a meeting.
anyhoo,they would sometimes dissapear for a while,MIA,then re appear.

aquakid 04-09-2009 04:18 PM

They do have a tendency to dissapear.

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