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IonBaller07 04-08-2009 01:51 PM

Ghost shrimp preggo
So I went too the localpet store today to find some little betta freinds. Ended up picking out 6 neon tetras and 2 ghost shrimp. So far their doing well, the bettas a little mad but he being freindly. Anyway I noticed one ghost shrimp appeared to have eggs in it. They are pretty big too. so now Im wondering what is the best way to get the babies to live and grow successfully.

Should I move her to a little critter keeper I have so nothing would eat them. Its not cycled or anything so would it kill her.

aquakid 04-08-2009 07:43 PM

I really don't think it is worth trying to raise the babies but if you wish place the female in a separate container and purchase high grade fish fry powder food. Also don't cycle the tank just add the old fish tank water to it.

IonBaller07 04-08-2009 08:27 PM

Yah I didnt really think it would happen, she just happened t be pregnant so I figured Id try. I have her sitting in a goldfish bowl with some gravel, slate, and 2 clippings off my fake plant.

The internet says they can live of the bacteria or whatever in the water for a while, the they need fry food, then they can start eating small regular food. What do you think the chances of the babies living if they go straight from the bacteria to small food?

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