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afoshee 04-08-2009 10:21 AM

Severum Cichlid eggs questions please!!!!
My severums lay eggs often. Days later they are usually gone. Im not sure if they were ever fertilized. They laid eggs about 6-7 days ago. Not usual for the eggs to remain this long. I dont know anything about egg cycles etc. I did see one of the severums pick up an egg and move it higher on the coral they laid them on. Any articles I can read? Can anyone tell me ways to figure out if they are fertilized eggs or not? They now have a fuzzy sort-of appearance, for lack of better words... cottony looking. They are not perfectly round anymore. Almost looks like cream-colored mold grew on top of the eggs. It does look like there is something, a very small black something, sticking out of a couple eggs that were moved. Almost looks like a little flagella or a tail. I do have a quarantine tank, but the levels are quite right yet.

So, question is.. what do I do now? Wait and see? Or move them?

Thanks so much
I love these severum, and babies would be so great!
FYI... 90 gallon tank
QT is 20 gal.

Oldman47 04-11-2009 02:26 PM

Cottony eggs are not fertile. They are growing fungus because they have failed to develop into tiny fish. The parents of most cichlids will pluck out an egg that starts to fungus to prevent it spreading to other eggs. Do you have very small food to feed your severums? My daughter breeds them regularly and feeds the fry on microworms after the yolk sac is gone and before they get big enough to take baby brine shrimp. Feeding seems to be the hardest thing to do with tiny egg layer fry.

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