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azzip4 04-07-2009 04:14 PM

Want a 55 or 75 gallon tank and have some ?'s

I am new to your forum and am hoping to get some advice on my future upgrade.

Right now we have a freshwater 10 gallon tank. Its alright but defiantely not big enough. The kids really like it alot and so do we. We are considering a larger tank for christmas but I am always impatient and can't wait. Years ago we had a 20 gallon tank but this time I think we are just going to go for it and either do a 55 gal or 75 gal. We were out looking around today and after seeing the 55 and 75 by eachother are leaning toward the 75 gallon. The local store is selling the 55 gallon complete kit for $190. The 75 gallon tank and hood alone is $200.

So the question is 55 gallon or 75 gallon?

What is the best filter for the 55 or 75 gallon?

What is the maintenance schedule like for the 55 or 75 gallon tank? (I know this is hard to say depending on the type of fish and if they are overfed.)

We like small fish like neon tetras, cherry barbs, platys. We don't have anything fancy. I was just hoping to buy several groups of community fish and let them have their run of the tank.

Any info you can give on the larger tank would be helpful. Thanks! :)

JohnnyD44 04-07-2009 05:27 PM

First of all welcome to the forum!!!!

Choosing a tank:
If you debating between a 55 and a 75 gallon your selves a favor and get the will thank yourself for it in the long run. Besides the fact of being able to house more fish, landscaping for a 75 is a little easier than a 55 because you have some extra depth.

Most importantly, make sure you let your tank cycle....a fishless cycle, although patience is needed, it's well worth it, you can read up on that here: Fishless Cycling Made Easy

A great place to check for aquariums is, you can find some amazing bargains on there, my brother just picked up a 100G tank with a stand for $125 bucks. Maybe then you could even go bigger!!!!!

Some other things you will definetly want to pick up for either size tank would be:
A good dechlorinator (Prime is a fantastic product)
Extra filter pads for your filters (you want to change your pads out maybe once a month, but NEVER change the wheels, thats where all the good stuff i!)
A gravel vac/siphon for water changes
Bigger Fish net
1 or two 5 gallon buckets for water changes
Gravel or a subtrate of your liking
plants(real or fake, real plants you will need to get into certain lighting needs)
A API Master Liquid Test kit (this will be the best $25 you spend on your tank, it will save you countless trips to your Local fish Store (LFS) and will last quite a while.
I'm sure there's some stuff I forgot....I've been at work since 6:00am.....

There are alot of options are far as filters...but, two of the best are Marineland Bio-Wheel and Emperors. For either a 55 or 75 tank you will want two (or a powerhead). Two (2) Marineland Bio-Wheel 350's or Emperor 200's will definetly do the trick. You could get away with only 1 bigger filter, but some hobbiest say it leaves little filtration on the otherside of your tank.

Maintence Schedule:
Once your tank is established(aka, cycled) you will need to do weekly water changes of about 15-20%, that is standard for all tanks, so the only difference here is, is that the 75 will require just a little bit more work for your water changes.

All of those fish are great community fish, tetras should be kept in schools of atleast 6.....the best thing to do would be to take a trip to your LFS and write down some fish you like and the people on here can give you compatibility reccomendations.

Thats about all I got for right now, time to go home!!!!

Again, welcome!!!

Nudist 04-07-2009 05:30 PM

welcome to the forum, IMO a larger tank is easier to take care of than a smaller one is. i have 5 tanks setup right now ranging from 20 gallons up to 75 gallons. the "maintenance schedule" should be the same on any size tank which i try to do a water change once a week on all mine. on my 50, 55 and 75 gallon tanks, i over filter them by having at least twice the amount of filters as it "needs". i like Marineland BioWheel HOB filters and have two 350's on my 55 gallon and they do great. i'm sure you will get other answers to your questions but thats my 2 cents worth anyway.


Twistersmom 04-07-2009 06:44 PM

Just wanted to say welcome to the forum.
They already did a great job covering your questions.

willow 04-10-2009 01:55 PM

welcome to you and your family :)
i'd go the biggest you can house and afford.
the gravel......wash,wash,wash,wash,wash...then wash again.

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