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Tundra9 04-07-2009 04:11 PM

I was wondering instead of using a regular filter can i use the marineland active carbon that cleans out the ammonia too in a media bag?

aquakid 04-07-2009 05:04 PM

If you wish you may use that ammonia stuff as an extra/addition, but there is no replacement for a standard canister or hang on filter

JohnnyD44 04-07-2009 05:08 PM

a lot of the time, the ammonia/carbon material you are talking about it used after you medicate a tank. like the above poster said, you can use it....but it cannot replace a bio-wheel or filter pad

1077 04-08-2009 04:18 AM

Weekly water changes of 20 to 25 percent pretty much eliminate the need for ammonia reducing products.Even these ,,need replaced on all too frequent basis. Much cheaper and faster to do water change with dechlorinator to relieve elevated ammonia which kills many fish.

Tundra9 04-08-2009 06:54 AM

ok thans guys that helps out alot

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