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truman 07-17-2013 07:06 PM

I have a 60 gallon with one fantail goldfish and one Oranda. The fantail I have had for a couple of months but I just recently got the oranda. He is much smaller than the fantail. The fantail is acting fine but the oranda only swims at the top but Not gasping for air. Sometimes he goes limp and just floats there. I dont think it is swim bladder because he can swim down just fine but he mainly stays at the top. I have plenty of oxygen in the tank with 1 air pump and a HOB filter that provides a lot of surface agitatation. The parameters are
0 ammonia
0 Nitrite
about 15 Nitrate.
I just put aquarium salt in there but I dont know what else to do.
Does any one what is wrong with him and how I can help him?
Also, he is going limp at the top a lot

thekoimaiden 08-02-2013 01:07 PM

Sorry to get to you so late, but I do believe you have a problem. Your parameters look fine and you see no gasping, so ammonia poisoning is not likely. It's probably some kind of parasite. Goldfish are notorious for them. Once a year I make sure to treat mine with PraziPro as a preventative. I also feed them food with garlic in it as garlic is a mild anti parasitic.

Did you QT the new fish? How did the fish in the tanks at the pet store look? Have you treated for anything?

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