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kevinm21997 07-16-2013 06:32 PM

Blind Cave Tetras Breeding or Aggression?
Hi everyone,
I have 6 blind cave tetras, 3 males and 3 females. Sometimes they stick together, and sometimes they tend to split up 3 on one side of the tank, 3 one the other. At the moment, on the left side of the tank is one of the females and two of the males and they are all under the cave that I have set up, and the gravel slopes down to make sort-of a well/ ditch. Anyhow, for the last hour I have noticed the two males "play-fighting" if you will, as one gets right up next to the other they chase each other for a few seconds, then stop and repeat. One of the males however seems to be doing what looks like possible mating behavior with the female, but I am not sure if it is aggression or that. She is swimming very slowly or almost staying in the same spot right above a rock (which earlier she was moving regularly) as if she is waiting for the male. When the male comes up to her and kind-of bumps his head into her belly/anal area (as best as I can describe it), she swims off by a plants and then returns and hovers over the rock. I have never bred characins before, although I have seen videos of it happening. Just wondering if anyone out there happens to have bred blind cave tetras? Also I did do the temperature drop as recommended for breeding, and now the female is occasionally swimming in a circle or two really fast over the rock and then hovering/ swimming above it. I apologize for so much to read haha, and if it is confusing please ask away for clarification.
Much thanks

Sakura8 08-02-2013 05:01 PM

Hi kevinm. I've never bred blind cave tetras but I'm very interested to know how things have turned out. The behavior you're describing sure does sound like spawning behavior to me.

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