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SamG 04-03-2009 01:05 AM

Hello everyone!
Hey there! Just thought I'd introduce myself. :-) I don't have any fish yet, due to the fact that my tank hasn't completed its cycle yet, but I currently have 18 land hermit crabs of two different species in a 55g tank. Originally I was using my future fish tank, a 29g, for my hermit crabs, but I upgraded to the 55g last summer and I just had to put something in my 29g (you can't let a good tank sit around empty! :lol: ). I attempted to start a fishless cycle last November, but I never read anything about the possibility of too much ammonia killing your for the last few months I've been wondering why in the world my cycle has been taking so long. :-? I finally found some very helpful information on this site, and I'm going to be replacing most of the water and restarting the cycle pretty soon. Anyway, as you can tell, I'm pretty new to the fishkeeping hobby. ;-)

willow 04-03-2009 04:37 AM

hello and welcome,it's lovley to have you here,
if you are able to post pictures of your tanks that would be great,
i kept land hermits years back,fun creatures to own. :)

Twistersmom 04-03-2009 08:28 AM

Hello! Welcome to the forum!

onefish2fish 04-03-2009 09:01 AM

welcome to the forum.

JohnnyD44 04-03-2009 09:09 AM


1077 04-03-2009 09:26 AM


SamG 04-03-2009 06:05 PM

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Thank you, everyone, for all your welcomes! :mrgreen: I'm attempting to post pictures of my tanks and a few of my crabs, but I don't know how successful I'll be...Anyway, the first photo is my aquarium with no fish (although it does have some algae). It's a freshwater aquarium, by the way, although you experts probably could guess that from my first post. ;-) The second picture is my hermit crab tank. The third is my largest Ecuadorian, Princess, who I've had for 9 months. The last picture shows my two largest hermit crabs, both purple pinchers, Petra (on the left) who I've had for 3 years, and Cannonball (on the right) who I've had for 2 years and 2 months. :-)

Twistersmom 04-03-2009 06:26 PM

Very nice pics!
Those are some lucky crabs to have such a nice home!

dramaqueen 04-03-2009 08:12 PM

Hello and welcome to FishForum.

Kellsindell 04-04-2009 03:10 PM

Looks great! congratz!

welcome to the forum!

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