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ledrel 04-02-2009 09:38 PM

so advice please
with my 50 i am recovering from an accidental addition of some copper laced rock. i was trying to save some money and using the current tank to soak some rock for the new 120. after i caught my mistake i started dosing with marc weiss reef accelerator and purple up i heavy doses. i lost some weak corals that got hit hard. now the calcium levels are drop daily if i am not careful i switched to reef marin and still dose supplemental calcium the corals look better. i do not want to put a calcium reactor yet but the lfs just giggles

conger 04-02-2009 11:19 PM

what are your alkalinity and magnesium levels? both are directly related to calcium, and if one or both are out of whack, that could be causing your calcium instability... otherwise you've just got a boat-load of corals in there that are using it up very quickly! (not likely though).

let us know your alkalinity, pH, and magnesium, if you can!

p.s. I'm far from an expert on copper, but from what i've heard once you've added it to the tank, pretty much anything in there is tainted... even the silicon sealant used at the joints of the tank's glass. It soaks in, and is slowly re-released into the water for a long time. Unfortunately (and lets wait for someone else to chime in before taking this advice and running with it), the tank you added copper to may be shot for coral and invert keeping.

It's tough to tell from the first post, but it sounds like this is all for a 50 gallon tank you have (the copper was added to it, it's currently stocked, and it's the tank where you're seeing the calcium instability)? And you have a new 120 gallon tank, that you are thinking about moving some rocks into from the 50? If so, don't transfer anything from the 50 into the 120, until we get more advice about the copper issue... if the stuff in the 50 is tainted, you don't want to put anything (rocks, livestock, equipment, anything) from that tank into the 120, or you risk tainting the 120 as well.

aquakid 04-08-2009 07:49 PM

That is not good. I once made the same mistake but wasn't as lucky

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