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Dawes 07-15-2013 10:37 AM

Fire Eel Tank Setup?
So I've recently bought a Fire Eel for my larger Aquarium
(It's currently in their with a few Clown Loach and they all seem to be doing fine).

I have plenty of Driftwood and smooth rocks in there.
(I've also smoothed out the Driftwood quite alot too, being careful not to leave anything that the Fire Eel can scratch itself on).

The only plant I currently have in that Tank is Amazon Frogbit.

My main question is - Is there anything else I can place in the tank to make it feel more comfortable (Hardscape/plants etc). I've heard adding salt to the Aquarium is beneficial, but as I have Clown Loach, this isn't an option for me.

jaysee 07-15-2013 10:46 AM

Probably the most important thing you can have is a good lid! There can't be any spaces for the eel to get out, or it will.

Adding salt to an aquarium is only beneficial SOMETIMES. Salt acts as an irritant and causes the fish to make more slime coat. While there are situations where this may be desired, I do not believe it's good for long term practices. The energy and resources required to produce the extra slime coat to create more of a buffer between the fish and the water could be better spent in just about any other way.

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