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catfishtabbi 03-27-2009 05:44 PM

Gouramis favorite plant is...
:angel: Hi there ,maybe you've seen one or more posts of my keeeping many gouramis together, i have 6 altogether in a 50g theres 1 gold 1 d.neon blue 1honey 1powder blue and 2sparklings. There was absolute peace until i removed ;obviously,everyones favorite plant, an xl lotus that was too shady for bottom growth, so i made a tough decosion to give it away. Not only does my tank look empty but the gouramis fought one was bruised up and his feelers were torn off visibly bruised with multiple bites out of his dorsal fin the powderblue cowared on the bottom staying behind driftwood to lessen subcoming to the current . Thankfully Kim wrote a post that mentioned medicated food, so interested i ordered some !the day before the fish fight,it took time to reach me but once it arrived i fed as directed and my fish is healing up really fast he has lil' stubs where his feelers are coming back in , the bruising healed without incident and he stays mid level now. The gouramis were traumatized after i removed the lotus many of my fish loved that plant. The yo-yos would lie on a leaf while each gourami sat under one, my honey would rest near the yo-yos and 3danios would swim in circles on another leaf. too-too cute. Wish i could have pictures. I will be starting a new lotus this weekend i'll deal with the shade issues as they arrive.They are spectacular plants a good one will have submerged growth as well as surface growth.

catfishtabbi 04-26-2009 07:59 PM

UPDATE !!! desperate for instant height I recently added 2 new plants called ulveaceous, Tradtiionally it is a pond plant that develops shoots that seed ; so it requies some work, they musn't be allowed to seed in a tank, it's tall up to 4ft with twirly twisty leaves, light in color and fast growing,. The long growth weeps out beautifullt and the G's luv it. Highly reccommend it !!!

Kim 05-03-2009 04:06 PM

Good to hear you found something! What funny fish, they must have been pretty mad about loosing their plant!

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