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St6_Devgru 01-03-2007 12:47 AM

WhAt ThE?!!?!?
ok all my guppies (male) died. i could see their fin color draining litterally!!!!!
i watch them asnd i see the color fading!!!!it scared the heck out of me. its like watching a scifi movie! in 5 minutes the color and the tail was gone!distintegrated/obliterated/noexistant! and then died?!!?!?wow my tank is really messed up!

dprUsh83 01-03-2007 12:55 AM

What are your water parameters?

St6_Devgru 01-03-2007 12:57 AM

ok ph is 7.5+, ammonia is 0ppl and thats all i have right now....:/ i use a bio filter

bettababy 01-03-2007 03:17 AM

You'll want to test nitrites and nitrates as well. Please post those when you get them, so we can help you further.
Also, what is the temp in the tank?

St6_Devgru 01-04-2007 12:14 PM

75 degrees farenheit

bettababy 01-04-2007 02:02 PM

We still need to know nitrite and nitrate levels in the tank to be of much help...

There are a lot of possibilities here, and without enough information, there is no way for us to sort it out.

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