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Us5Camp 01-02-2007 10:43 PM

Powerhead Height? (Powering and Under Gravel Filter)
Is there an "optimal" height or location for a powerhead on an undergravel filter? Top or Bottom of Tank? I just started this tank and the pet store owners were divided from the powerhead manufacturer.

Manufacturer of powerhead shows and indicates placement near the top of the tank for maximum suface turbulence (i.e. oxygen introduction), the pet store owner said he prefers his powerheads a few inches off the bottom.

Your thoughts?

(38 Gallon Aquarium 36x12x20) - Newly started.
Emeror 280 Power (Bio-Wheel) Filter
Hagen UG Filter - Powerhead provided circulation

herefishy 01-02-2007 11:06 PM

The placement of the power head can be either near the top ar near the bottom and is determined by where you want the force to go.
Many salt water invert tanks have the head near the bottom to enhance flow over such creatures as anemones.
Fresh water tanks, more often than not, prefer the power head to be near the top to create ripples on top of the water to increase suface area and loosen water tension and increase oxygen transfer.
I personally set my power heads higher. I also run many of my tanks' power heads in reverse flow. By running in reverse flow, I keep my gravel less littered of uneaten food and other detrius, thus allowing fewer gravel sweeps. This method also oxygenates my bacteria bed much more evenly and effectively than running the power heads in the traditional manner.

crazie.eddie 01-03-2007 01:38 AM

When I ran my UGFs with powerheads, I placed the powerheads closer to the top. This allowed the current from the powerhead to reach the surface easier, which provided enough surface agitation to oxygenate the water.

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