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Tracy 01-02-2007 10:13 PM

Algae eaters
Can I put any kind of a pleco in my aquarium with small African cichilds? There is a lot of brown algae on the silk plants and the castle ornament now. The fish in there (mixed Africans) are all about 3 inches in length now. What happens if I add a large common plec? Will they pick on it? I have a beautiful synodontis cat in there and they don't go near him at all. (7 cichlids and a synodontis catfish in a 37 gallon).

Gump 01-03-2007 12:15 AM

Your cichlids should leave the pleco alone. The cichlids ive had that harm or bother them were large centrals.

Just watch what species you add since they put out as much waste as they clean of algea.

herefishy 01-03-2007 12:20 AM

Plecos aren't especially fond of brown algae. You may need to increase your lighting to get green algae or slow dow on you feeding.

sazzy 01-03-2007 10:34 AM

not many fish pick on plecs as they are pretty spikey, as long as it doesnt fit into their mouths you shouldnt have any problems,
also as commons get larger they become 'lazy' and probably wont clean aswell as you expect.

Gump 01-03-2007 12:31 PM

I disagree with both herefishy and sazzy. The only pleco of mine that doesnt eat brown algea is a little golden nugget, all my BN and common do and have for years.

And as for my large commons they still eat the algea like they did when they were young but after about 4-5" you need to suplement there diet with other food.

saganco 02-01-2007 07:13 PM

Not to thread hijack here, but it looked like it was kinda dead, so maybe you guys won't mind me asking a question. I asked a friend this question, but need to know the answer by tomorrow morning before I leave town for the fish store and I don't think he'll have time to answer me by then.

What is the nicest looking but effective cleaning crew that will work with my honduran's? I know I could use a BN pleco, but they really are not very nice looking little rascals (hope I don't offend anyone by saying that - you know beauty is in the eye of the beholder...). I want something that can stand up to the mating pair and their fry, not eat the fry, and be an attractive (or at the very least - not homely) GOOD cleaner for the tank. I wanted SAE's in there, but I would fear for the little guys lives since they are only about an inch and the parents are pretty hot about anyone in their tank. HELP?? My LFS is over 2 hours away one way, and tomorrow is the day to go to "the big city" for a bunch of stuff - so I need to know what I need to buy - and how many I need for a 40g with a 36x12 footprint. Your help is greatly appreciated!

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