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Elisew 03-25-2009 01:17 PM

Advice on Golden Gouramis please??
I`ve only recently started keeping fish so am very new at it all but would really appreciate some advice please.

I originally started with 2 Golden Gouramis and 2 platys. This morning before I went to get some guppys I noticed that 1 of the Gouramis had started chasing the other around quite aggressively, it then got to the point where the one being chased bagan to hide behind the filter and would only move when chased again. While at the Aquarium this afternoon I bought a small nursery type tank and isolated `the bully` to see if the other Gourami would muster enough courage to come out into the open.
Anyway, as soon as I switched the tank light on a little while ago, the bullied Gourami has come up from the bottom of the tank where it`s been sat for most of the afternoon and is very happy swimming with the platys and guppys now. The `bully` seems to go nuts if the other Gourami swims anywhere near it and after reading bits and pieces on the net I think I`ve got 2 male Gourami which is a bad idea from what I`ve read. I will try and put a couple of pics on and would like to ask ppls advice as to whether they are both male Gouramis and whether I should take 1 back to the Aquarium and see if it`s possible to have a female instead?? The tank I have is a 60 ltr one so I`m hoping it`s not too small.

Thanks very much in advance.
Lisa x

This is a pic of the 1 being chased, tail and fin have been nipped slightly

This is a pic of the 1 doing the chasing

mattyphilly 03-26-2009 03:49 PM

i cant really tell from the pics. If the dorsal fin is pointed, then it's a male. They are still juveniles in the pics....juveniles are curious but not yet least mine weren't.
My male trichogaster trichopteris rules over all the other gouramis in my gourami tank and considers half the tank as his territory. He will chase any other that enters his territory, except for his favourite female. I have no problem with territorial fishes, or hierarchy in the tank, since it's probably like that in the wild too.
Anyway, think 60 litres is too small even for one blue gourami

catfishtabbi 03-26-2009 04:22 PM

I agree completely. May i suggest a dwarf gourami they're very pretty and 1 can be comfortable in your tank. I have a 4.5" gold myself Mine is 4.5"long they can get up to 6" i believe, so they're probably going to get too large for your tank.

Elisew 03-26-2009 05:11 PM

Thankyou both very much for your replies.

I spoke to the chap I bought them from and he did say his Son shouldn`t really have given me 2 males as he knew they were both going into the same tank but that also it`s hit and miss as to whether or not there will be some aggression or territorial behaviour. I guess as you say, the hierarchy thing is natural, I just didn`t like seeing one of the Gouramis being chased and nipped the way he was. The `bully` will be going back to the shop tomorrow.
From your description I would say they are both males and I`ll definately take your advice on board with regards to the size of tank and the size that the Gouramis are/can grow to and may well see if I can find my fella another home.

Thaks again, I really appreciate your opinions.

Lise x

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