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BarbedDragon 03-25-2009 12:42 PM

Cycling my tank-Nitrate and Nitrite help?
I set up my 29 Gallon about 2 weeks ago, added 3 goldfish about 2 days after setup. I waited a week and then moved my goldfish into my outdoor pond.

I seeded the aquarium at this point with Stress Zyme (and if I could find better stuff in my area I would). At this time I also added 2 balloon mollies (male and female), who have looked great and happy and active ever since I got them.

Since the female balloon molly has decided to be territorial with the male. I went and purchased some more fish yesterday.1 small Powder Blue Gourami, and 5 long finned Danios, assuming this would cut down on the territorial thing, which it did.

So I had aprox 1 week with 3 goldfish in a 29 gallon, then 1 week with 2 balloon mollies in a 29 gallon.

Getting back to my issue. I tested the water today (after a water change, I do them 25% every 2 days) and it reads 0ppm Ammonia, but it reads 5.0ppm nitrite and either 40-80ppm Nitrate (Really hard to read Doc Wellfish tests.... -_-) Against the color cards it seems the worst. But I thought that Nitrite was not supposed to get higher until the Nitrate had gone down.

I'm adding a teaspoon of Stress Zyme with every water change.

Everything seems wonderful, everyone in the tank is happy (even the bickering balloon mollies have laid off) but granted I DID just add them yesterday. No one is even hiding (Like I'm used to when adding newbies).

Is this due to my water change? Adding too many fish too soon? Pretending I knew what I was doing?


Twistersmom 03-25-2009 04:02 PM

Your tank is still cycling.
Ammonia is the first to start to lower in the cycle process.
Nitrites will continue to rise for a while. I try to keep ammonia and nitrites under .25 ppm when cycling a tank with fish.
Nitrates will continue to rise, the best way to reduce them, is through water changes. It is best to keep nitrates at or below 40ppm. Your cycle product may contain nitrates.
I have not used your test kit, but the API test kit is a pretty good one.
You may have to do water changes everyday for a while to keep the nitrites down.

BarbedDragon 03-25-2009 04:57 PM

Ok cool thank you! I'm pretty sure the API test kits are the renamed Doc Wellfish Kits. Welcome to API - API directs me to the API site.

Stress Zyme is also produced by API, I did more research on it and it seems its just made of two strains of unactivated bacteria that activate once hitting the water.

I'm trying to be methodical and over researching everything, I'll be doing my normal 25% water changes daily to try and get the levels down.

Can you "overchange" the water?

I have a feeling by adding too many fish I might have re-started the tank cycle. I'll be doing another water test later and let you know the results.

I'm a little bit AR, but get overly excited when I get to the fish store. :oops:

flight50 03-25-2009 06:45 PM

But I thought that Nitrite was not supposed to get higher until the Nitrate had gone down.

use daylight or better lighting with the tube pressed against the chart and have your back to the light source. as far as the nitrite thought. you got them mixed up. nitrate will only go down two ways. live plants or water changes. when ammonia is on its what down is when nitrite rises. this is a longer stage than the first. check your tap water supply. see if any toxins are in there. if you show 0's across the board you fine with doing water changes to keep your toxins low while its cycling. if you have toxins in your tap, its more of a problem. RO water or equivalent with trace elements added would be a better route.

BarbedDragon 03-27-2009 12:08 AM

Thank you flight! I got better results reading it in the light like you told me.

Good news, my reading last night were fairly the same as before 5.0ppm Nitrite and 40ppm Nitrate.

But after checking it right BEFORE I did a water change tonight --- 0.25ppm Nitrite and 10ppm Nitrate!! YAY!

So I'm hoping its going down. :lol: And I still have happy fishies.....

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