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AussieTimmeh 03-25-2009 01:05 AM

Elephant Nose - couple of questions

I have recently acquired an elephant nose - a fascinating fish from the countries I grew up in Africa. I've named him Tembo, which is Swahili for elephant.

I have read all kinds of things about him, but am finding he is happily living in a 130L tank along with some marble longfin catfish, a few common bristlenose babies, 3 clown loaches, and 3 guppies. He has lots of hiding spots and is eating frozen blood worms fine.

Tank is kept at 26C, ph around 7.2, ammonia and nitrites are always zero, nitrates at 20, filtered by a Fluval 305 at its lowest setting. Seems to be a pretty stable setup with some live plants that grow well.

My biggest concern is that I have read that the elephant nose should be kept on a sand substrate. I use a fine gravel at the moment, but I tried putting in a flat container of washed sand that I also washed myself. None of the fish seemed to particularly like it but none seemed against it either. To me, it looked like the elephant nose did not dig in either the gravel nor the sand, he just skims around the top of either.

Has anyone kept an elephant nose and can provide any experience on this?


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