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Westie7 03-22-2009 11:41 AM

How long does it take until a Zebra Danio is fully grown?
I wasn't sure if this belonged in the danios/loaches/barbs section or here, but since it involves fry, I thought it should be here. If I'm wrong, and this forum is for fry before they are spawned, please tell me.

Anyways, I have some zebra danio fry (my last count was 21) and I was wondering how long it would be before they are fully grown. I was planning on keeping two myself, but I know nothing on how long they grow. I know not to introduce them until they are about 1/3 inch long or so. How long is the wait before I should feel safe to put them with adults?

Also, what does LFS mean? All I can come up with is Latest Fish Store.

ChiNA MaN 04-15-2009 12:42 AM

lfs means local fish store and wait till there 1/3 of an inch and you should be fine

daisycutter 04-15-2009 12:34 PM

mine were full sized adult in about 2 months from the very small juviniles i bought

Amphitrite 04-18-2009 03:40 AM

I think mine reached full size a good few months after being born - 3 or 4 months if I remember correctly. Wait until they are a good size before putting them back in with the adults. Making sure there are plenty of plants and hiding places will increase their chances of survival too.

Westie7 04-18-2009 08:11 AM

Well, my last fry died at about a month old, so I'm starting over today. In a 1-gallon, I'm expecting them to take 4-5 months till salable size (I just hope they aren't banned by that act HR669 or whatever, or (even better) it isn't passed)

Oldman47 04-18-2009 10:52 AM

Westie, if that bill gets passed into law, you will be breaking the law by allowing your zebras to breed. So will I when my guppies drop fry. As usual, I will ignore stupid unenforceable laws and so will my guppies and mollies.True sailfin mollies will be OK because they are american native fish but all of my goodeids, including the ones that are endangered species, will have to go and I won't be allowed to let them keep breeding in captivity. I guess it will be time for some enligtened civil dispbedience for this old man.

Rikesh 04-19-2009 01:08 AM

Fish don't grow at the same rate. If you have the courage to perform massive water changes daily, your danio will grow at a much quicker rate.

Westie7 04-19-2009 11:50 AM

If the law does get passed (which I hope won't), I doubt Zebras will get banned because they're one of the favorite models of scientists.

Rikesh 04-20-2009 12:10 AM

You'll still get some from local hobbyist. You can't eradicate fishkeepers :P

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