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ScottishGirrl 03-22-2009 07:48 AM

You Wont Believe This!!!
I was in my local fish shop,called pets at home(im in scotland) and they have many tanks set up as demo tanks.
In one 60litre aquarium they had
-1 moonlight gourami
-1 3spot gourami
-2 female guppy
-6 male guppy
-1 common pleco
-1 kuhli loach
-1 red tailed black shark
-1 male platy
-1 female platy
-2 albino corys
-1 golden algae eater
-2 black neons
-1 glowlight
-2 female siamese fighers

I found one of the store assistants and acted as if i knew nothing about fish, This is how the convo went.

ME*- Im looking to get a fish tank for tropical fish, can you advise me on one?
GIRL* Yes, This one here is an aquaart 60, it comes with everything you need to set it up and its in offer at the moment
ME* OK, so can i purchase my fish today or?
GIRL* No, not straight away, when you get home set your tank up and add the two bottles of liquid that comes with it, then leave it for 24 hours, come back and you can start picking your fish.
ME* Thats great. What are the liquids for?
GIRL* One is to remove the chlorines and chloramides in water that kill fish, the other is some bacteria that allows you to add fish almost straight away.
ME* Oh right ok. Can You give me some advice on fish that are compatable and how many i could put in here?
GIRL* Yeh, You have a look round and tell me which ones you like.
ME* (Walked Over To The Display Tank I Wrote About.) I Like the look of these fish in here, it looks like a lot of fish though, is it ok?
GIRL* Yes, all of these fish are community fish and have plenty of room to move around.
ME* A few of them seem to be chasing each other and nipping fins, is this normal?
GIRL* Yes, this is how fish interract its almost like playing!
ME* OK, thanks for your help, ill be back tommorrow.

Can you believe That!!!:shock::shock::shock:
Talk about not having a clue about fish in a fish shop!!

jen13 03-22-2009 08:50 AM

These situations make me sick...I spent my Friday afternoon and entire day Saturday rescuing fish from a LFS that has recently came under new ownership. :evil:

Previous owner did not take care of tanks, or apparently anything else in the store either, so it was a bad situation to begin with.

The new owner bought the store three weeks ago and has cleaned it up considerably from what I have heard (don't know, I had never been in there before). However, he decided he wanted out of the freshwater business and was saling all of the tanks, racks, and fish that were in them at a great rate.

Another person in the fish business (works out of his home servicing tanks & ponds primarily) thought the tanks were a steal so he started talking to the guy and his wife and was told that if all of the fish & tanks were not gone by X date that they would just throw them in the trash.

The tanks were disgusting, you could not tell there were fish in most of them, and the fish that were housed in these tanks were nearly starved to death. Good news is that we did get all of the fish to new homes including a 12-16" lung fish and a 14-17" clown knife and all of the tanks are out of the store. Bad news is that he wants to keep saltwater tanks and a few freshwater tanks along with his reptiles...poor critters. :BIGweepy:

ScottishGirrl 03-22-2009 12:21 PM

oh dear..
at lest most of them were rescued though!
People like that should be shot!!

veganchick 03-22-2009 03:15 PM

OMG! that is pretty bad! How do u act that out? I'd start laughing when they gave me such bad answers! lol

ScottishGirrl 03-22-2009 03:19 PM

I just never looked her right in the face, just kinda kept looking at the fish...i must have been screwing up my face something bad!!

Amphitrite 03-22-2009 03:29 PM

That's really shocking although unfortunatley it not unusual in larger 'all-round' pet stores. There's a Pets at Home not too far from where I live, but I've never been in it. I'd probably throw a fit if I did go.

ScottishGirrl 03-22-2009 04:34 PM


Originally Posted by Amphitrite (Post 181482)
That's really shocking although unfortunatley it not unusual in larger 'all-round' pet stores. There's a Pets at Home not too far from where I live, but I've never been in it. I'd probably throw a fit if I did go.

oh you live in scotland too..!!:-D Yaaaay. haha

whitedevil 04-29-2009 04:04 PM

She didnt know what she was talking about on the fish, but she wasnt naive to the tank set up info. her time frame was wrong thats about it.

what is 30 liters?
I know yours is a 66 US gallon/250Litre

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