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Jaysn 01-01-2007 10:30 PM

Modded my light hoods today
I recently put two 15W, 18", 18000K Aqua-Glo bulbs over my 55, and while the spectrum is great and makes everything look beautiful they seemed a little dim. So today I added a socket for a secondary 10W aquarium compact fluorescent in each hood. I don't have any pics unfortunately, but it was a simple mod. I had to cut away some of the inner plastic bulb housing to make room for the bulbs, and then just added $1.59 sockets from Home Depot to each one. I think I can squeeze two of the CF bulbs in there if I cut a bit more material out and move the transformer from where it's currently attached. I'm also working on adding LED moon lights (horray for $0.75 leftover Christmas lights!), I just need to figure out the correct resistance I need for each strand.

Lupin 01-01-2007 11:13 PM

Sounds great.:thumbsup: Wish you had a pic though.:mrgreen:

Jaysn 01-05-2007 12:01 AM

I took a few pics today. Before I started, there was just white plastic where the secondary bulb is.

Brandon 01-06-2007 02:25 PM

Wow that looks great how has it impacted the tank light wise.

Jaysn 01-06-2007 06:42 PM

It levelled out the lights quite a bit. Before I had just the aqua-glos in there, and it was very blue looking. This made everything whiter, while still allowing the reds and blues in the fish to be really bright. I like the way it looks a lot now.

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