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OscarsMommy 03-18-2009 09:27 AM

Starting Fresh...New...Ideas?
I am quite new to this community, and tank keeping, also.

I made the decision to keep my Betta alone for fear of having him either get hurt or hurt other fish. He is beautiful, and my first fish, so he is my boy.

Soooo...since I am enjoying this, it is very relaxing, by the way...I want to start another tank.

I know I want Angelfish. How many should I get, are they ok as just one Angel or do they prefer to have friends of the same? What size tank? I love colorful fish....any suggestions?

I have not purchased the second tank yet, because I want to pretty much have it set up in my mind of the community, so I can purchase the correct tank for the fish.

Angelfish, danios, and platys are the ones I am interested in right now. Can someone experience tell me the breakdown of how many I can have in either a 10gal, 20gal, 30gal, etc?

I greatly appreciate it....thank you :-D

veganchick 03-18-2009 11:30 AM

10g- a school of darf danios would look cool!

20g- Idk.... no angelfish, but you could have some platies and danios!

30g- 2 angelfish (I like marbled the best) , 4 longfinned zebra danios, 3 mickey mouse platies, 5 blue danios

Thats just a suggestion for stocking, u don't have to have those kinds or anything... the numbers all depend on the type, exept for the angelfish. for them I would do 2

Byron 03-18-2009 12:22 PM

OscarsMommy, you're taking the correct approach, thinking about what you want before you buy the tank. You're on the road to success. Veganchick's suggestions are good.

Angelfish need room, as Veganchick has noted by her recomendations. Buy the largest tank you can afford and maintain. As you settle into this great hobby, you will continue to find, as you already have, that there are immense rewards and the hobby will grow. Every tank will reach its limit in terms of the bioload, so go for the largest you can manage. Also, the larger the tank, the easier the maintenance and fewer problems. Greater volume of water means more opportunity for minor problems to resolve themselves without wholescale disaster. The biological activity will be much more stable the larger the tank.

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