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lugiex 03-16-2009 07:39 AM

looking for a good combo for 125 gallon tank
i am setting up a 125 gallon tank very soon. i am already know a few fish i want in my tank such as

3 - pictus cats
1 - gold dojo loach
1-2 - pleco
1-5 - different subspecies of african cichlids

what would do good together or what else could i put in my tank?

possibly a rope fish or dragon eel?

i also want to consider a school of small fish such as guppies that reproduce quickly to offer some variation in diet for the other fish. would this be possible and how many would it take to keep the bigger fish such as the clown loach from terrorizing them?

Fishin Pole 03-16-2009 01:08 PM

Hello Lugie

Welcome to Fish Forum!

I cant really comment on the loaches, i have never kept any.........Now for the other fish, i suggest you go with bristlenose plecos, they dont get huge and they will clean algae better than most other plecos.......The larger plecos dont seem to eat algae once they get past the 5 inch mark, and they turn into a poop factory!

The african cichlids will do well in a large tank, but i dont know if you realize, they become quite aggressive and will not work with guppies or tetras.......They also require a higher Ph than most other fish.....Something you need to consider when choosing your stock list for this tank.....I suggest you do some research on some other species of fish and just keep leaving posts here........There are some very knowledgable people on this site and no one will talk down to you......Its better to do research now and ask questions now, than to have fish that will not get along or outgrow your tank (Not likely, with a 125)........Hope you the best of luck and hopefully some other folks here will put there 2 cents in also

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