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JohnnyD44 03-15-2009 08:11 PM

Tank on a stand which is tiled....
Hey All,

I recently bought a 55G tank with a stand off of craiglist. I was able to paint the bottom of the stand but the top was sort of like a countertop, which we were unable to paint.

My fiancee has decided to tile the top of the stand which we were un-able to paint. I was just curious as to the strength of the tile and worried about it cracking and the tank becoming unlevel and the weight being all on the corner where the tile cracked.

We plan on adding a 2nd layer of support (probably a layer of plywood or OSB board) on top of the existing top and plastering around the sides( to make it one piece)...then we will be Tiling with 3x3 tiles and grouting the top of it.

Do you think it will be an issue of the tiles being able to support the tank?

Any advice is welcome!!! thanks so much!

MBilyeu 03-16-2009 06:16 PM

I wouldn't. At least not with those tiles if you are talking about 3x3 ceramic. If you are going use tile, I would recommend porcelain or granite, and the tiles should be at least 3/8" thick. Also make sure not to use mastic. Use a portland cement based thinset that does not come pre-mixed. When you spread the mortar make sure to spread on both the countertop as well as the tile with 100% coverage(do not use the notch in your trowel). One more thing, your underlayment should be cement board, not any type of wood.

Actually all of what I have recommended is to guarantee that the top will be structually sound for the weight you will be putting on it. If you already have the ceramic tile, it will probably do ok as long as you use cement board, portland cement thinset, 100% coverage, and get it as flat as possible.

JohnnyD44 03-17-2009 12:48 PM

thank for the help! I'll send my fiancee along to lowes later today!!!! haha

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