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paisley_tele 01-01-2007 03:32 AM

filtration for a 180 gallon
what would be the best method to filter a 180 gallon tank with angels and some catfish .. i know everyone will say a wet/dry sump. but i dont have the room for one so i was thinking 3 emporer 400 or 1 and a xp3 canister filter... with some under gravel jet to move the water around .

bettababy 01-01-2007 04:33 AM

Try this:

I'd work with the 1500 model. I have been running one of these on my oscar 220 gallon for about 6 yrs now, and I love it! They're sturdy, they run well, easy to maintain, easy to set up, and if you have questions about them, you can call the company and get information. I'm not a big fan of Penn Plax, but with this filter they won me over. Their company reps are good at responding to problems, but so far, other that when I first got it (it was new on the market), I haven't had a problem in over 5 yrs.

For all that they are and all that they do, they're not priced sky high, either. I've used and sold a lot of these filters over the yrs, and I suggest them to anyone. If you can't find them at your LFS, ask if they can get them, they're pretty easy to get a hold of.

crazie.eddie 01-01-2007 06:25 AM

(Message deleted by poster)

musho3210 01-01-2007 11:06 AM

Canister filters are good for large tanks and are quiet. You could go with a marineland emporer bio wheel. They tend to be a bit ugly and louder but is the cheaper alternative.

crazie.eddie 01-01-2007 11:35 AM

(Message deleted by poster)

musho3210 01-01-2007 11:51 AM

you could use a canister and a HOB like the emperor. Or an even better idea is to make your own sump. Just buy a cheap 10-20 gallon tank with no hood (costs like 10 dollars at petsmart). An overflow box, a powerhead, and some airline tubing. You can read some articles about this. They're not that hard to make.

bettababy 01-01-2007 04:44 PM

For a 180, I would use at least a 30 gallon tank for sump... 10 gallons won't get you far.
As for the canister filter debate... the Cascade is just as good as the FX5 and the Eheim for a portion of the cost. Eheim is going to be about the most expensive canister you'll find, and the only one that never goes on sale. The manufacturers know they have the best, so they never give the retailers any kind of sale or break on price. The extra features on the Pro III are nice, but are they really worth that much more money?
The cheapest price I could find online for the Eheim Pro III is $379.99, but I found the Cascade 1500 on sale for $139.99 here:
If you're wanting to "over filter", its still cheaper to get 2 of the Cascade 1500's... you're still only spending $279.98 and getting plenty of filtration!
I found the Fluval XF5 on sale for $239.95 online, and after the company reps came in to train us on the XF5, me and my coworkers all found the Cascade to be "less complicated" and to work just as well. The Cascade actually has just as much space as the FX5 for media, and is A LOT less complicated to use. When the company reps have a hard time working with a filter during a training seminar... that alone says something!!! I was disappointed in the FX5 overall, but would still suggest it over the Eheim based on price differences and ease of use/maintenance.
Something else to take into account before selecting your filter is about how easy it will be to get replacement parts and/or tech support if you need it? For Fluval... good luck in finding the parts, and also in dealing with the company for them. Penn Plax seems to have Fluval beat in that area.

crazie.eddie 01-01-2007 04:57 PM


You sound like your a Fluval rep, constantly pushing the Fluvals. I just go by what the majority of the community uses.

bettababy 01-01-2007 08:45 PM

Sorry eddie if I sounded like a "rep" for any of the filters, but a big part of our training was in filtration units. Our job was to know how to use them, which ones were best for which situations, how to fix them, clean them, put them together, take them apart... and to pick the brains of the reps when they brought us a new or improved model to sell. The reps had to win us over before our boss would stock something on his shelves.
Over 8+ yrs in that store, I saw more Eheim and Fluval repair issues and the need for replacement parts than I did Cascade. Come to think of it, for the many Cascade filters we sold, I can only remember 1 coming in for any kind of problem, and that was during the 1st yr they were on the market. Since they improved them, I can't remember a single one.

Because I run so many tanks at home myself (usually anywhere from 30 - 50 at a time), I have to be up on the filter scene... I use or have used just about every filter on the market. When something breaks down, it gets retired to the "parts box". After a while, you start to notice which brands fill the box quickly, and which never make it to the box. Believe it or not, 2/3 of what is currently in "the box" is penguin filters and various MarineLand power heads.

crazie.eddie 01-01-2007 09:07 PM

(Message deleted by poster)

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