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FishGirl 03-15-2009 02:09 PM

Worm in young Angelfish
I've had this fish, just larger than the size of a quarter for almost a week. It has appeared to be healthy and is eating well. It was very thin when I purchased it and has quickly been filling out. I've been feeding it a variety of foods approx. 6 times per day from flakes and freeze dried bloodworms/tubifex/brine shrimp to just introducing frozen bloodworms and brine shrimp the past few days.

Originally, I purchased two angelfish and returned one the next day as it never ate and was tipping on its side and even upside down at times. I took a couple of hours to acclimate them so I'm not sure that would have caused the first fishes problem as the second was unaffected and appeared well at the time so I decided to keep it. I've been pleased with its progress and would like to keep it. I think the cause must be stress of shipping at life (probably a short stint) at the pet store.

This morning I noticed a white worm? sticking out of its side. What is the best way to treat for this?

I'm working on getting a pic and a WC on the 5g sick tank before adding the angel for treatment. I'll also get tank parameters on the 29g I put him in when I got him so you know what he was exposed to in the past week. I'll post them as I can. Thank you.

FishGirl 03-15-2009 03:09 PM

Trying to do this photobucket thing.

Lessee how it goes...


great, huh?

Okay, this link works:

Angelfish Worm with arrow picture by FishGirlsPhotos - Photobucket

jeaninel 03-15-2009 04:08 PM

It's hard to see in the pic but it might be anchor worm. Try googling it and see if this matches what your fish has. I think Dimilin powder is recommended to get rid of Anchor worm but may be hard to find. You can try something like Clout. But make sure of your diagnosis first before treating.

FishGirl 03-15-2009 05:16 PM

Thanks for your input Jeaninel, but I don't see an anchorworm. It's not just the picture that's hard to see, it is hard up close as well, especially with the fish being white in that area and the "worm" or whatever appearing white. All I can see is something white about 1/8" or less, sticking out of the fish when it swims at a certain angle.

Right now I'm acclimating it to the 5g and have added Melafix to the water. I don't know if that will help with the worm/parasite, but I'm hoping it will ward off infection until I can get it diagnosed and medicated properly.

Thanks again.

Lupin 03-15-2009 11:18 PM

I have trouble seeing the pic. Any clearer pic?

FishGirl 03-15-2009 11:35 PM

That's the best shot I could get. Like I said, it's difficult to see anyway. Now it's in the 5g plastic bow front tank.

Could you venture a guess? It is not flashing or rubbing at this point. It doesn't appear bothered by whatever is sticking out. I suppose I could take it back if it doesn't improve in a couple of days. I just kind of liked it though and was hoping I could figure out what was going on with it.

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