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dagizmo19 03-13-2009 12:45 PM

Slate rusting?
I picked up some slate tiles from the local home improvement store a few days ago. Started to soak them in a bucket of tap water and a few days later I come back to find that they are covered in what looks like rust particles. :shock:

So, I emptied the bucket and it appears that all of the particles are gone, I refilled the bucket with scalding hot water and after a day, it appears that the "rust" particles are coming back.

Anyone else using slate tiles having this problem?
Is it rust due to iron in the rock or is it just dirt that may be present, since I haven't scrubbed them down yet?

Tyyrlym 03-13-2009 12:57 PM

I've had this before. It was actually a combination of rust and brown algae bloom. The algae went away and the rust was scrubbed off and did not return.

catfishtabbi 03-13-2009 01:54 PM

I know that beveled slate can have metal shavings from the sawblade, which can rust. Use a really rough brush to clean it. Metal shards are also what cause lettuce to brown, if using a cheap knife. I clean my butcher knives well after sharpening.

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