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yippee 03-13-2009 01:13 AM

ten gallon, finally done cycling
I've finally gotten back into the hobby, and currently started up my 10 gallon again. I started small as money is tight right now (paying for school and paying off the car, etc.), so i figured the start up costs would be minimal. I already had most of the gravel, decorations, etc. I got everything cycled, tested my water today. Ammonia and nitrite came back as 0, nitrate came back as .20ppm. I went to the store in search of leopard danios, I made my way back around to look at the other fish just for curiosity sake. I made it to the tiger barbs (one of my favorite fish of all time), I looked down and noticed they were running their sale they have once in a while for 5 for $5. After a short debate i decided i had to get the barbs for that price. I bought 5 and brought them home and acclimated them. They're now in the tank and doing great, so hopefully that'll last. I know they are supposed to be kept in larger tanks and groups. Tomorrow I am starting to get my 20 gallon set back up, as soon as it is cycled that's where they're going. And as soon as i get them settled in and make sure the water stays good, i will get a few more to add to the group.

I was very excited and had to share. I hope they continue to stay in good health!

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