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doraslilhitman 03-13-2009 01:56 AM

Marineland Emperor 280 makes cracking noise
i just got an emperor 280, it works fine but it makes erratic crackling noises like there is sand in the filter. I checked the tube for leaks, removed and inspected the impeller multiple times, and ensured tight fits. Is it just a fault built into the filter? it sounds like the spinning portion of the impeller is randomly colliding with the plastic housing but i cant be sure.

1077 03-13-2009 05:36 AM

I might check to see that the J tube is seated properly, If so, then sometimes pulling it up slightly will solve the problem. Be sure the plastic fins on the impeller are on top and the magnet or smaller end is seated properly on the bottom. I have several of these filters and some of them were quite noisy when first started but after a few hours, or days, they became quieter. I also have one Emperor 400 that I have tried all of the above and also replaced the impeller with one from another filter (emperor) and still,, it makes more noise than the others. You may wish to consider sending it or taking it back if possible. As for me,, I simply use the one that is a bit (ok more than a bit) more noiser for spare parts. I believe the plastic when molded together has some imperfection on that filter. The others are so quiet that sometimes I must check for water movement to make sure they are indeed running.

syrinx 03-16-2009 10:32 PM

My emporer sometimes makes noise too. Pushing the j-tube toward the back of the tank stops it. Sounds like Marineland could use better quality control.

lowco1 03-17-2009 01:26 AM

My bio wheel 350 was making a lot of noise but after an hour of searching for what could be wrong with it I finally figured out that I had a bubbler too close to the intake tube and the bubbles were getting sucked up into the filter causing it to make a lot of noise. After I moved it I havent had a problem with it since, I felt like an idiot that it took an hour to figure that out.

Thunderloon 02-19-2011 08:23 PM

Woke the thread for knowledge.
Emperor and Penguins.

I've got a pair of 280 and everything from the 100b to 350b.

The 280 and 400 use a loose fitted plastic ring to "secure" the impeller end of the intake siphon tube. If you just jam that intake tube in it can tip that plastic ring assembly forward or backward.

If this "fit" constantly gives you trouble you can try sanding down the outside of the bottom of the siphon tube.

The part at fault here is the little -O- looking thing that it slips into that is also the upper socket for the impeller's axle, its loose to reduce vibration but when it tips it can move the impeller a little to the side and also rocks down just a tad so that as the impeller floats in the magnetic field it bounds up against it.

Another way that the 280/400 can make noise is quite amusing. The secondary chamber on the impeller eats snails! I scoop them out of my tank and my cone shaped snails eat them by the foot-full but they still grow and run around up in the filter. I've got a dirt bottom so I never can completely rid myself of them.
When they go floating free in the filter after the media they can get sucked in, or suicidally climb right in, to the second impeller face and "grrrgrrrgrrr sphttt" they end up blocking the spray bar.

When I dry assemble filters I use my Prime for lubricant.

lipadj46 02-20-2011 12:07 PM

My emperor 400 makes that loud clicking noise when the impeller gets junk in it or I don't have it assembled just right. Once every couple weeks I have to clean out the entire filter housing. I would not buy another marineland HOB filter. I think their HOB filters are poorly designed (I have a penguin 100 filter too). I have a cheap whisper 60 on the same tank filled with biomax and it never gives me issues, never looses it's prime even when the tank is drained down and has a stronger flow even though it is rated at less GPH.

Thunderloon 02-20-2011 03:42 PM

it seems to be long term quality control and yah, my emperors and penguins are all kinda sensitive to water height. The big complaint I have about the marineland hobs is they don't fit regular gaps on tops.

I have the 280's because the bio-wheel is self cleaning, aerates the tank, never fails and is easy to inspect.
I'm moving up to compound canister set-ups now, found some old bio-wheel pro kits XD don't diss them.

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