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chris003 03-10-2009 11:53 PM

hate hair alge, TO MR . AQUARIPURE
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hi, my name is chris for Indiana. I have a 180 gal reef . I,am having a hell of a time getting rid of hair algae. Here is what i have under tank sump, (bio-balls ) turbo floater muti 1000 , turbo twist uv , and also trying eco- aqualizer ( not sure if thats doing anything had it a month now ) lighting is 3 mh 1300k 250w ( I only run 2 because of algae. ) 3 atinic 110w ice cap vho,s all on timers. I also have a kent ro/di unit that is set up on a float valve. My temp runs high 82-83, my cab. I put 2 fans drawing heat out. The tank is 1 1/2 years old . my skimmer and my return pump intakes were to close to each other . there for my skimmer lost battle. so my skimmer was not working at all . water coming out skimmer was barely coming out . i didnt know ant better until i went to my Lps, and seen same unit running and the water was flowing out of there,s . so i went home flipped pump around so intakes was,nt right by each other . know skimmer works great ( I even bought another ocean 2700 pump thinking it was pump ha ,ha know i have extra pump. So my skimmer really was,nt running for about 8-9 months , I would get a little skimate not much . since then i,ve pulling hair algae all time . here are my params nitrate 20-40 sal. 1.0265 phosphate 0 ph 8.3 also do water changes every 2 weeks trying to get nitrates down . so i have read everything about aquaripure , iam hopeing this will work for me . If i tell my wife this piece will do it will it . I ALSO told her the eco- aqualizer would work to . please help . Iam impressed with you being on here yourself defending your product . will this work for me thanks chris , soory so long but i want a hair algae free reef tank , here are some pic,s

onefish2fish 03-11-2009 12:25 AM

saw this post and just had to respond. welcome to the forum.

to start, your going to want to remove those bio-balls ASAP. they are just like a canister or HOB filter and trap detritus and debris causing increased nutrient levels. exactly what brand/model skimmer are you running? how old are you bulbs? how old are your filters on your RO unit? have you checked the RO with a TDS meter?
you most like have phosphates but the hair algae is absorbing them causing a false reading. if you feed frozen foods to your tank your going to want to pre-rinse the food in a fine mesh net with some tank water a few times until the water is clear. the water that the frozen foods comes in is disgusting and very high in phosphates. your also going to increase your water changes. i suggest weekly.
what fish/livestock do you have in the tank? how often do you feed? how deep is your sand bed?

chris003 03-11-2009 12:43 AM

1. Turbo floater muti 1000 ( dr, foster & smith ) 2. Bulbs 6- months 3. Just replaced everything on ro ( no tds but ro water test 0 phosphates and so does the tank reads 0 . I,ve always ran phos zorb and chemi-pure 4. Only 2 yellow tangs 5. Don,t feed at all there is enough algae to last a life time . 6. The bed is 2 in was 3 to4 i also have diamond goby , and a mated pair of coral banded shrimp . I,ve been changeing 25 gals every 2 weeks. What should i replace bio- balls with ? Thank for help . I have spent a ton of money , thats norm ha ,ha

onefish2fish 03-11-2009 12:52 AM

there is no need for the bio-balls. you dont need to even replace them with anything. your sump could just be for additional water volume. you could also put a full spectrum work light (6500K) above the sump and put chaeto algae in there, however at the moment the nutrients the algae feeds on is being consumed by the hair algae so the chaeto might not fair well until the hair is alittle more under control.

another issue i see is the sand bed. its best to go no sand, shallow sand (no more then 1'') or deep sand (4''+)
2-3'' seems to trap detritus and debris just like bioballs and mechanical filtration causes nutrient build up.

trust and believe i understand you've spent a ton of money :wink:

chris003 03-11-2009 03:26 AM

me , what would the bac. grow on then if you get rid of bio,s ? I,ll be back on tomorow . do you depend on LR? NEVER though of that but it makes since , less to get traped, by the way when i do water changes i would take out top layer and gently swish them back and forth to get them clean( in the water i took out of tank ) later, type to you tomorow . this cool just started using forums this week. this one and . thanks for your advice chris

onefish2fish 03-11-2009 03:37 AM

live rock and sand is where the bacteria will be. you should have about 1.5-2 lbs of pourus live rock per gallon. with again, either no sand, shallow sand or deep sand.
remove the bio balls, they're doing more harm then good.

chris003 03-11-2009 12:33 PM

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Hi , iwil remove them today thanks. also my chemi pure was bought in feb. do you think it could be loaded up?when i cleaned bios, i would take chems out wash them to with the water i took out of tank. i have limited room in sump so just liad them on top of bio,s thanks can my temp be hurting me to 82-83 here are some more pic,s I,am a machinist ,so i made my own cabinet and canopy used mill to cut slots in wood to make fresh air in the fans draw hot air out. you.ll see in pic,s fan at each end.

chris003 03-11-2009 01:24 PM

I will also tell you i had to clean front glass daily it would have a algae film on it. Since the skimmer or the eco- aqua-lizer( skimmer was finally working right) but at the same time i added the eco-aqualizer. So i don,t know wich one fixed this problem but now the algae film is gone

chris003 03-11-2009 02:05 PM

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Here is my nitrates test pic. Kinda blury sory.

chris003 03-11-2009 02:18 PM

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Here is phosphate.

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