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Lupin 03-10-2009 05:50 AM

Assassin Snails-New Tank Layout
I've changed my white gravel a few weeks ago to black sand.;-)

Full Tank Shot
Still have to add the black background later hopefully. Sponge filter absorbed the white particles from the sand (and sand doesn't look black from the light).

Lupin 03-10-2009 05:50 AM

Here are more pics.

One assassin roaming around the vals after I planted some vals there.

Another resting on the sand.

This one is partially buried in boredom

Racing to the back.

Assassin floating on the surface which struck me odd. It's weird but he eventually sank to the bottom and scooted off to the back.

The floating assassin on the way.

onefish2fish 03-10-2009 06:55 AM

i like it! i like it alot!

are you planning on just using an pre-made black aquarium sheet for the background?

planning any more plants? or any other changes/additions?

Lupin 03-10-2009 07:04 AM

I forgot the black background with my schedule last week piling up on top of each other.:oops: I'll fix it in the next two weeks when I am done with my university exams. Yes, I do plan to add more sturdy plants for the assassins to lay eggs on.

onefish2fish 03-10-2009 07:42 AM

awesome. and when you do the background up be sure to include a full tank shot please! id love to see it.

Lupin 03-17-2009 01:24 AM

Just updating I added 3 more assassins to a total of 9. I just realized the new ones are half an inch size compared to my old ones. The old ones were only half an inch at that time I got them. Amazing how fast they grew.:shock:

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