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fishyinpa 03-09-2009 10:43 PM

Fungal or bacterial?
Hello all. I have a male betta in a 3 gallonish tank. Its treated with amquel and novaqua. It does have a filter,but is not cycled. It does have a heater,his temp is at about 78*. I do have liquid test kit,but have not tested his water as of yet. Ive had him for a couple of weeks now and from the time i got him,I noticed he had some kind of discoloring on his face/stomach area. His gills look inflammed/red as well. He is red/purple color,but the gills look redder than his red coloring. It is really hard to get a pic of him,but I did get a video of him that you can somewhat see what im talking about. It is better to see if you open the video to full page.

Im thinking its either fungal or bacterial but im not sure which or how to tell. Id like to treat him properly,but Id like to hear some ideas as to what you think it is and how i should treat him. I do 50% wcs on his tank as well. I just did one yesterday in fact. I hope someone can help me. Some thought it might just be his coloring,but seeing him up close,I can tell its not coloring and something quite else. I thought for a time he mightve been constipated (as i thought his stomach was a bit swollen,but i think i was wrong on that too). All i did then was fast him for a few days,then feed him daphnia for the next few days. He has a healthy appetite and seems pretty happy.

fishyinpa 03-10-2009 12:50 AM

Darn cant delete my post now. Oh well. So I went ahead and gave him two pellets of jungle labs antibacterial fish food. He ate it! I know they say some fish wont eat it. Im not sure if I am seeing things,but I swear almost immediately his colors changed. The paleness on his face,gills and stomach? gone! His gills still look red and inflamed though. I can still see some discoloration of his face,gills and stomach but nowhere near as bad as it was before he ate them pellets. It says 5-10 days for treatment,im not sure how long i should give him this...Any ideas? Also is this possible? Or am i seeing things lol! I could be...but im pretty certain im not...:)

1077 03-10-2009 02:13 AM

I would treat the fish for the ten days so long as it is eating the medicated food. On a three gal tank I would probably change the water 25 to 30 percent ,,twice a week and monitor the water every couple days to see that parameters were in order. I hope the fish responds. Many people believe that if fish will eat the medication that it is much more effective than treating the water and I agree. Also you don't have to worry about water changes taking medication out or diluting it .

fishyinpa 03-10-2009 12:12 PM

Yeah i read that too,hope so! Thanks 1077.

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