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adpierin11 03-07-2009 07:56 PM

Where are they????
I am having a hard time finding a light bulb that isn't a screw in that produces 40 watts or more. I have a 20g long and I need 2 watts per gallon for my light bulb. I went to petsmart and checked at petco and the type of light bulb I need which is 18inches only produces 15watts. Where should I look to find the right kind of light bulb? I purchased two smaller light bulbs which are screw ins (produce 25 watts each) but unfortunately they don't work with the fixture I have.
What options do I have?

Oldman47 03-08-2009 11:44 AM

You need to look into a lighting upgrade. All T-12 fluorescent bulbs are rated at 10 watts per foot of length. The T-8s are slightly lower but produce a bit more light for the same length. If you want to upgrade to 40 watts of power in a 2 foot tank, you need to be looking at a power compact backfit or a T-5 HO kit. Either one can get you the power that you want. PC kits can be purchased at places like Recently I have been looking seriously at T-5 HO instead because they seem to be a bit cheaper to buy and cost about the same to operate.

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