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synosandancistrus 03-06-2009 11:18 PM

Can I Cross Breed These Cichlids?
I've heard that you can cross breed certain types of american cichlids. I was wondering if anyone knows if I can cross breed my male Gold Saum with my female Parrot Cichlid (not blood parrot)? They are very interested in eachother and are not fighting just showing off, following eachother around the tank. I've heard Severums and Red Devils can make Blood Parrots whether or not thats true I'm unsure. Also I live in Australia and have purchased some imported satin black angels. I already have 5 white/platinum angels and was wondering whether the colour cross-breeding is possible or a even problem? Please respond to my email Any tips, ideas or info would be much appreciated. Thanks

fishkid 03-07-2009 08:31 AM

I don't think its possible. Blood parrots are the result of artificial insemination.

syrinx 03-08-2009 10:11 AM

Some american cichlids will interbreed on their own. I dont know about your particular combination. But I see no harm in trying it.

Angels dont seem to notice the color of other angels, they all breed freely.There is a lot of information an angelfish genetics on the web and it gets rather complicated. For instance (if memory serves me) breeding two of your black angels (assuming they have the double black genes, which I believe a satin black will) will only produce 50% black fry and 25% each of 2 other strains (cant remember which ones). But breeding a black to a certain other strain ( again, cant remember which) produces 100% blacks. Do some research and you can figure out what the fry will be, assuming you know or can guess the genetics of your fish.

synosandancistrus 03-12-2009 01:16 AM

Thanks for the info I will do some research. I've seen some poor results of cross-breeding cichlids as in mutant fish so I hope this mix, if it works, will produce something more fashionable. Also I'm right into breeding rainbow fish particularly Chequered Rainbows and I was wondering whether interbreeding in a subfamily would be possible i.e. Melanotaenia Splendida Inornata x Melanotaenia Splendida Splendida (Chequered Rainbow x Eastern Rainbow) or Glossolepis Incisus x Glossolepis Maculosus (Red Rainbow x Spotted Rainbow). I've got 4 pairs of Chequered's and a pair of each of the others plus 6 x Banded Rainbows from 2 different creeks (Tentpole and Marmoss) and roughly 25 baby Melanotaenia Boesmani of which the parents died on the same day the eggs hatched. I've had nothing but success breeding them with their own species and just want to create a new species particularly for the colour, especially the Incisus as my male is quite a stunner. I'll have to wait and see I guess. Thanks again

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