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afishianado 03-06-2009 06:00 PM

cycling problem - can u help?
Hello fellow fishianados!

its been awhile since I found a really good fish forum - just got back from Iraq and started up y fishkeeping again (its been several years).
As a homecoming gift, my family bought me a 270 g aqauarium! Ive never had anything bigger than a 65! I plan on showcasing it here in all its glory once I have it up and running!
My problem is a cycling. I am using the fishless method. I have dosed the tank with StessZyme according to the bottle directions, added NovAqua and ammonia. Its been 2 days. My readings are bacteria = O and ammonia = 7.5
Am I not supposed to have an explosion of bacteria and a lessinging of ammonia as the bacteria eats it?? I took some bacteria from a friends tank and again - my readings are 0 for bacteria. I eve took an eyedropper of Stresszyme and added it directly to the testtube I was testing for bacteria and guess what? Readings are 0. My test kit is brand new. I called my local water company and was told that the water is treated with chlorine, floride and sodium bicarbinate - all of which the NovAqua is supposed to take care of. I tested for chlorine and the reading was 0.
Am I going crazy??
I would appreciate any advice you can give me! Thank you!

Twistersmom 03-06-2009 08:04 PM

I am thinking your ammonia may be too high for your tank to cycle.
I added 4ppm ammonia on my fishless cycle.
Maybe someone else has tried using higher levels of ammonia and will comment.
What bacteria are you testing for? Nitrates and nitrites?
It took about two weeks for me to get a nitrite reading on my fishless cycle, it takes some time.

catfishtabbi 03-06-2009 09:04 PM

You could use some Superbac or cycle they'll lay down a base for more bacteria to grow on. I don't think stresszyme is in order yet, it is for fish.

willow 03-07-2009 03:58 AM

hello and welcome,nice to have you here :)what a lovley welcome home present.maybe this will help ?'ve not fishless cycled befor,so i'm unable to help with this question.

fishkid 03-07-2009 07:00 AM

Are there going to be plants? If so, put them in and leave the tank running for the month or two.

afishianado 03-10-2009 08:15 PM

Thanks so much for the info! It turns out that I am a complete idiot. Its been a few years since I cycled a tank using this method. To all you newbies out there: when using this method to cycle - be sure to use PURE ammonia - nothing with dyes, additives or perfumes...and make sure it says regular household ammonia - STUPID ME - I failed to see the "industrial strenght" in plain sight on the bottle I bought - and since I have never had a 270 galllon - I then compounded my mistake by dumping in A QUARTER CUP!
Gad - there was enough ammonia to kill off an entire country!
O well - at least no fish were harmed...
I did drain the tank-refilled-drained all day long yesterday. Took out all the wood and reboiled it - took out all the rocks and rinsed those too...Hopefully by friday I will have dilluted it enough to add the bacteria and it wont be killed off..
I do plan on lots of live plants..cardinals..boseaman rainbows, blue rams, and a couple of different types of other tetras (havent narrowed down all the fish on the list yet) and Im pretty excited. Cant believe I was this stupid.. I really have been doing this for years! LOL...then again, after Iraq, Im minus a few brain cells!

1077 03-11-2009 05:34 AM

THANK YOU for your service.:mrgreen:

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