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Shadowcat0789 03-03-2009 11:46 PM

Trying to save some porities, can anyone help?
Hopefully you guys can help me out here. I took home a christmas worm coral/rock (it goes by so many different names i've given up picking just one to call it by) that wasn't doing so great with the intent of reviving it. My friend/manager gave me advise as to how to save the porities, which is what wasn't doing too great (the worms were doing great and still are) and it seemed to work at first. Now I'm having trouble keeping hair algae off of the rock they live on, the porities are a bit discolored and overall don't look that great. Is there anyway I could scrap off the dead bits of poritie (I assume they're dead, algae's growing over it and it's very dark in color) or will the live porities grow back over it? could i lean the live porities against a different rock so that they could spread that way? They're in a 14 gal biocube at about midlevel in the tank right now. Also there is a daisy coral, a maze coral, 2 nassarius snals, a margarita snail, an astrea snail, a top crown snail, a small orange and purple lobster and a spotted hawk hanging out in there with them as well. Any advice you can give is much appreciated! =)

Also, the reason i took it home is bc it was ordered for me, wasn't doing so great in the tank at work as the lighting was too intense (so i was told) and I was told it should do much better in my tank, and i really didn't want it to die bc I waited too long to take it home. Anyway, thanks in advance for your help ^.^

onefish2fish 03-03-2009 11:50 PM

porites are generally slow growing so leaning it against another rock will prob. take to long. it wouldnt hurt to try it.

scraping the algae off wont fix anything. you must address the cause of the algae first, then deal with getting rid of it. just scraping algae now without fixing the cause will result in more algae returning and/or another algae taking its place to use up those nutrients.

you could try for the time being to put it in good flow to discourage algae growth but this shouldnt be a long term fix.

Shadowcat0789 03-04-2009 12:02 AM

Well the strange thing is that the algae isn't really growing too much on any other part of the tank. not the hair algae at any rate, but the snails are enjoying feasting on the other algae. Do you have any recommendations for a rock that i could start to grow the porites onto or will any bit of live rock do?

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