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NewFishFiend 07-02-2013 07:28 AM

Angels with a few spots, not acting sick
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I couldnt copy and paste the thread with my iphone but i wrote it all down. My angels have a few little spots on them, but no other fish do. No one is acting sick at all, i am just worried about a possible ich outbreak. I will post a pic too.
Size of tank: 75 gallons
Params: 0/0/10. Ph 7.8 ( very stable), gh 2, kh 5.
Kit: api master
Setup up for about 6 months
Fish: 3 angels body size about 3 inches, 11 candy cane tetras, 2 blue dward gouramis, 2 bolivian rams, 8 black neon tetras.
I have many live plants
Filters: 1 cascade 300 hob and 1 marine penguin 300 hob
Heater: 2 300 watt heaters, temp at 79 degrees amd stable
Lighting: t10 lighting on 10 hours a day on a timer from 7 am to 5 p
Water changes: 20% about every 3-4 weeks ( i check nitrates weekly and change if they get over 10)
Food: twice a day feedings. Once with flake and once with frozen ( frozen varies)
Meds: have not treated at all.

1077 07-02-2013 08:58 AM

Would not get too excited unless spot's begin to appear on all fish, in which case it could be ICH.
I would then slowly raise temp over a couple day's to 84 degree's F and add one tablespoon of salt per 5 gallon's of water and run the tank for two week's with the elevated temp's and salt.
After two week's,,and no more sign's of spot's,,slowly lower temp back to between 76 and 78 degree's F and begin to dilute the salt content through water changes with no salt added.
Most folk's here (me included ) aim for 25 to 50% water change each week.
Would not add any new fish for a few week's unless quarantined for three week's prior to adding them to your tank.

NewFishFiend 07-03-2013 03:59 PM

Thanks for the advice. As far as water changes, i test everything bery carefully, including alkalinity. It it falls below 4 i change the water despite the nitrate reading to avoid any ph shifts. I am very dilligent in my testing and care. I dont like to subject my fish to unnecessary water changes if everything is not perfect

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