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jimmyhoye 03-02-2009 10:05 PM

Hello, i have a 10 gallon tank with a aquaclear 30 on it. Current inhabitants are 3 black neon tetras, 2 honey sunset gouramis, hong kong pleco, 7 ghost shrimp, and a african dwarf frog.
I want to increase my tetra school. Will the black neons mix with regular neons or no.
If i had 3 black neons and 3 regular neons, would they school together or no

iamntbatman 03-03-2009 12:54 PM

They might, but technically they're not really that closely related. I'd stick to all one type of tetra. Also, your Hong Kong pleco is actually not a pleco at all but a hillstream loach. These also do better in schools, so adding two more would be nice. You'd end up with a fairly heavily stocked tank but it's nothing an AC30 shouldn't be able to handle. Just keep on top of water changes.

Jai ullu 04-06-2009 10:46 AM

Well, it depends on their attitude. But just to play it safe i would not do that because i have heard that the black bulley the normal neon tetras.

(If your willing to have dead neons go ahead)

Fishin Pole 04-06-2009 12:07 PM

i have seen alot of bashing of the black neon tetras on recent forum threads...........I have a school of eight in with guppies and cardinals and have never seen them even chase the other fish...........Someone made the comment never put them in with shrimp?.........They dont even pay my shrimp any attention....

You could put black neons in with other neons, but i dont know if they will shoal together.........Your getting real close to being overstocked for a 10 gallon tank, so your choices are very limited on what else you can put in......IMO, add 3 or 4 more neons to keep the other ones company................Water maintainance is the key with your tank size and stocking list

Jai ullu 04-07-2009 10:02 AM

The black and normal tetras will NOT school together. The black tetras might annoy the normal ones because they always bulley the neon tetras.

Fishin Pole 04-07-2009 10:19 AM

I see your giving advice on black neons bullying other neons............Jai ullu how many black tetras do you have?.........How many neon tetras do you have?............If you have less than 5 of each they will chase each other to an extent, but im sure they are only playing or setting up a pecking order of the shoal............My black neons are fine with every fish in the tank and i have guppies in with them.......If they were gonna bully someone it would be the guppies and there long tail fins

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