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sweston 03-01-2009 11:26 PM

Pale patch on tetra-- what could be going on?
For about a month, the end of my neon tetra's tail has developed a pale white patch. After a while it developed a small, ich-like spot on the pale area, but after I treated the tank for ich it disappeared and hasn't come back (it's been around a month with no ich symptoms.) Yesterday I noticed him struggling to swim, as if he had a swim bladder issue and had become too buoyant (he couldn't stop floating upwards, and had to fight to stay deep enough.) I did a google search and found out that discolored patches and trouble swimming can be an indication of neon tetra disease. Today he's swimming normally again, but I noticed a smaller off-colored patch on one of my other tetras as well. I separated them out and started them on antibiotics, but I'm wondering if someone more familiar with NTD or false NTD (similar symptoms but responds to treatment, unlike NTD) can take a look at a picture of my afflicted tetra and tell me if it looks like he's suffering from either of these diseases (or something else entirely...)

Here's a link to a pic of him and the other tetra I noticed discoloration on:
In real life the discoloration (right at the tip of his tail just in front of the tail fins) is a little less gray-looking and more whitish. You can't see the patch on the second tetra in this picture, but it's much less defined and I separated him out mostly as a precaution.

Does anybody know what is wrong?

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