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Spoon 02-28-2009 08:21 PM

Greedy Angelfish
Hey. I am having trouble with one of my 4 angelfish at feeding time. After a minute he'll start nipping the others and scares them away from the food.Yesterday one nipped back at him and they went at it for few seconds. Guess he got tired of his crap. I tried only adding a little food at a time till he acts up and stop there so he is not the only one feeding, but thats gonna get old quick. Any advice?

aunt kymmie 02-28-2009 08:41 PM

The only thing that comes to my mind would be to add food at the same time at opposite ends of the tank so they aren't all competing for food in the same area.

iamntbatman 03-02-2009 04:31 PM

How big are these angels? Angels are timid for cichlids but they *are* still cichlids, so as they grow you can expect more aggression from them. People do keep them in groups, but usually that's in larger tanks where the losers of fights like you're seeing can get some refuge. In a 30g tank, I would say that eventually you're only going to want to have one or two angels in there. You may want to start thinking about finding new homes for the weaker fish. Also consider that if you have mixed sexes, pairs may form which will increase aggression, although a pair of them is pretty interesting to watch.

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