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brittanyb157 02-27-2009 07:40 PM

Growth/Parasite Dwarf Gourami? Help!
Tonight while changing my 29 gallon's water, I noticed something odd about my gourami. I have attached pictures that were difficult to get and not of the best quality, so I'll explain it as well.

It almost looks like a hole in his head, yet there is something in the center of it, about as long as his thin feeler like things (not sure of their technical name) and about as long too. It's brownish tan. There are no scales there, but the skin is brown, not red or irritated. The spot is about as big as his eye and you can see the positioning by the pictures.

The only other weird thing in the tank is that my mickey mouse platy is wobbly and has clamped fins and I have a ghost catfish missing. I don't know if this is related or not. I just tested the water yesterday and everything was fine. PH of about 7.6 which is what it has consistantly been at. I have had these fish for months. None of the other inhabitants are showing any signs of disease or stress. Help me please? I'm hoping its nothing that will effect the rest of the tank. -.-

I just added new live plants as well...not sure if that bit is related.

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