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communitytankkeeper 02-27-2009 06:26 PM

Question about cycling!
I recently bought a USED 60 gallon tank with used filter (with full bacterial colony in it), and the substrate, and all ornaments I was going to use in the tank, I cycled for 2 weeks prior to getting the tank.
To cycle the substrate (sand) and ornaments, I put them in a cooler, with dirty water from my current set up - a 30 gallon tank - with a bubbler and i put "cycle" in there every week.
When I transfered the ornaments and sand into the 60 gallon tank, which already had some bacterial colony in it, i filler the tank half way and let it sit for 2 days.
Then I filled the tank to the top and I add a bit of the 30 gallon aquarium to the 60 gallon and the 60 gallon water to the 30 gallon to get the fish used to the water and the 60 gallon with some of the 30 gallon water.
I have been doing this for 2 weeks.
So the sand has been cycling for a month, and the tank has been set up for 2 weeks.

My question is, my fluval filter has been inactive (but full of water) because a part broke 2 days after I bought it. I am waiting on the part to come in, which will be tuesday.
I have an aqua clear 50 on my 30 gallon now and a whisper 15.
I was wondering, would I be able to move the fish to the larger aquarium this weekend (probably Sunday) if the fluval 404 filter wont be set up until Tuesday.
There will be an aquaclear 50 and whisper 15 filtering the tank (one on each side) for the 3 days... Would that be okay for the fish?

Please contact ASAP with any information or advice!

The tank will have ...
2x angelfish
2x bala sharks (I am fully aware of their full grown size. I am willing to accommodate them as they grow, I love how they look and the way they act. when they reach too large for my accommodations, either present or future - larger tank or tank just for them - then I will consider options, but I am fully willing to grow with them. THey are currently 4.5" and 5")
2x skirted tetras
1x sunburst platy (getting 2 friends)
1x tiger barb (getting 5 friends, the one I have is a female and not very aggressive)
2x dwarf gouramis
1x paradise fish
1x rubberlip pleco (about 2.5") - will be getting 1 more, maybe 2 more

(Not all fish have been in the 30 gallon. I had a 10 gallon set up until last week - the water had a huge ammonia spike.. got to trust small tanks :-) )

JohnnyD44 02-27-2009 06:39 PM

i'm a bit said to cycle your stuff you put your sand and ornaments in a cooler with dirty water and your bubbler and added there a filter on the cooler? if there isn't....there's no cycling going just got dirty water sitting with some sand thats trying to settle......which is being proven more difficult with a bubbler added constantly moving the water around

you don't need to "cycle" your need to clean it to remove all of the debri (twigs, dirt, leaves) that you don't want in your tank

as for the water....switching water around doesn't really help anything. All of your good bacteria is in your filters and your subtrate and ornaments. So you would want them to be in your tank cycling with your filter media you plan on using. Keeping the water from one tank to another and switching this with that and blah blah blah blah, dont worry about that.

communitytankkeeper 02-27-2009 06:46 PM

Well, I have been using one of the filters that was on the small tank, and that has been going for a week,
I have also moved over all the ornaments, and :washed: (getting some of the bacteria into the water) one of the dirty filter medias in the 60 gallon tank..

And the sand was cleaned before I put it into the cooler.

Oldman47 02-28-2009 08:48 AM

Welcome to the forum tank keeper. I am afraid you have been given bad advice or are misreading some suggestions on various forums.
If you move the fish and filter together, you are moving whatever has been taking care of the fish.If it has been enough on the old tank, it will be enough on the new one. I don't understand what you think you are doing with running filters on empty tanks and using some nostrum to try to cycle gravel. The tank water contains nothing of value to a cycle either. The only thing I can make any sense of is the established filter being used for an established biological load. That is a balance you can maintain in the new tank.
If you have filters that have not been running on a fish tank that has fish, they have no bacterial colony in them. The bacteria need food in the form of ammonia to survive. The sources of ammonia are fish, decaying plant material or pure ammonia from a bottle. The bacteria can survive in the tank water but it is not where they set up residence. I don't get what moving the water around is doing. Cleaning a filter in an empty tank will temporarily deposit some of the right bacteria into that tank's filter but if they are not fed they will die off fairly quickly. The needed food is still ammonia as it was above.

communitytankkeeper 02-28-2009 09:58 AM

There is a filter on the tank the fish are in.
I am running two filters that are both established.
I had them both on the tank

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