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Brandon 12-30-2006 12:55 PM

My stand is done and painted.
10 gallon tank stand (no door or paint)
This is what i was going for. \/

here it is finished and painted (still have some touch ups)

Sorry bad pics.

And geuss what i've been saying this was a 10 gallon but i just calculated it and its a 15 woohoo!!!

crazie.eddie 12-30-2006 02:24 PM

Nice stand. So is the covered end the front side? If so, you might have a hard time reaching the filter and stuff behind it. If the covered end is the back end, then you should drill some holes for the hoses, cords, etc. from the filter to go through.

Lauri 12-30-2006 02:54 PM

Looks great, cant wait to see it with the tank on it.

GeraldFrye 12-30-2006 02:54 PM

Looks great, are you going to stain it?

Brandon 12-30-2006 02:56 PM

The cover side is the back side but im not doing a sump below it or anything, it's just for storage.

Brandon 01-03-2007 03:51 PM

i FINALLY finished!!!! sweet

Amphitrite 01-03-2007 04:09 PM

Brandon, that looks like a really good job. Well done! :D

Brandon 01-03-2007 05:23 PM

Thank you very much :D

dprUsh83 01-03-2007 05:38 PM

Very nice, turned out pretty well!

joeshmoe 01-03-2007 06:41 PM

yup it pretty cool

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