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fishie 12-30-2006 11:39 AM

pregnant yellow lab?
I think one of my yellow labs is pregnant, but I cant be sure. Its belly is swollen, not too much though. She hangs out by the heater and then in a cave most of the time now. The thing is, I dont think I have any males! I have 2 labs and neither of them have black on their dorsal fins, so I assumed they were both female.

If she's not pregnant, whats up with the tummy?

willow 12-30-2006 12:35 PM

Yellow labs are Mouth brooders,
sorry,can't be of more help.

SKAustin 12-30-2006 12:36 PM

Ok, first, are you sure they are yellow labs, and not yellow zebras? Yellow zebras look very similar, to the labs, however they have no black on any of their fins. Female yellow labs do have black on their dorsals just like the males. Often the case of female labs is the absence of black markings on the anal and ventral fins.

Second, Labs and zebras are both Mouth brooding egg layers. This meaning, the fish will lay eggs onto a piece of rock, then will scoop them up into her mouth. the eggs will be fertilized either at the time they are released onto the rocks, or after they are in the females mouth. Using the egg spots on their anal fin the males will entice the female to approach. thinking the egg spots are additional eggs, the female will approach and attempt to take them into her mouth. The male then releases his milt thus fertilizing the eggs within the females mouth. The eggs will incubate and hatch with the mouth of the mother fish. the fry will remain in the mothers mouth until they reach free swimming state. This act, called "mouth brooding" is common among many species of african cichlid.

A bloated belly in these fish may be result of many things, intestinal blockages caused by poor water conditions, and improper diet may be a likely culprit.

fishie 12-30-2006 12:51 PM

Im sorry did I say dorsal fin? I meant they do not have black on their pelvic and abdominal ventral fins (which are white). But they do have a line of black on the dorsal fin.

So I do think they are yellow labs, unless zebras have black on the doral fin as well?? hummmm. plus when I bought them I was told they were yellow labs :)

I understand they are mouthbreeders but she still has to have eggs in her belly at some point right?

Im going to try to take a pic maybe that will help


SKAustin 12-30-2006 01:08 PM

OK, if they have black on their dorsal, then you would be correct, they would be Yellow labs. The presence/absence of black on the ventral and anal fins is not a 100% reliable method of sexing these fish. though i would wager that you are probably correct in believing they are both female. i would recommend seeking out a nice male to add to the tank as the yellow labs are very prolific breeders.

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