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FishFreak95 02-25-2009 05:58 PM

100 gallon aquarium filter
Would a fluval 204 workwell for a 100 gallon fish tank? I don't have the tank now but im thinking of getting 1.

aspects 02-25-2009 06:33 PM

You're gonna need a much bigger filter

WisFish 02-25-2009 06:44 PM

It depends. If you put a few neons in the tank then sure. But generally speaking that filter was rated for up to a 40 gallon tank from what "google" told me. You'll want something bigger.

FishFreak95 02-25-2009 06:45 PM

whats the size gunna have 2 be and how much would it cost?

aspects 02-25-2009 06:56 PM

Plan on spending around $200 on the filtration. If not a little more

FishFreak95 02-25-2009 07:14 PM

The filter is gunna cost more than the tank!

stevef10 02-25-2009 07:16 PM

I have a RENA Filstar xP3 that's rated for 175 gallons and 350 gph. It seems to be enough filtration for my 125 gallon tank for now, but I plan on getting another filter before my fish get too big. But I think it does depend a bit on what you want to keep in it. If you have oscars or other fish with high bioloads you'll probably need something bigger. My RENA cost me about $150 but it was on sale from $179. It pays to shop around, you can usually find filters online cheaper than in stores so as long as you plan ahead and plan in the shipping time you can save some money.

FishFreak95 02-25-2009 08:00 PM

will a fluval 305 be good enough

aspects 02-25-2009 08:27 PM

If you wan a fluval, you will want an Fx5. I personally use these on some of my big tanks and they work great. The only downfall is that theyre a little pricey. But if you can't afford to properly filter a tank, that means you can't afford the tank at all.

As for the comment about the xp3, you will definitely want at least a hob filter running alongside that filter. The xp3 are rated a lot higher then they actually handle. I have used the xp3 before, and didnt like them at all.

aquatramp 02-26-2009 03:15 PM

That's a long tank and you will have dead zones if you don't have filtration on both ends of that tank. A good canister would work but another filter should also be on the opposite end of the tank. Possibly an Aqua Clear 110.

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