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musho3210 12-29-2006 11:25 PM

Breeding danios
I have 5 zebra danios in my 20 gallon tank and i have an empty 10 gallon tank that i can use to raise fry. Any tips? I dont know much about breeding so here are somethings i would like to find out

Food to feed fry, i know baby brine shrimp are good but is their anything easier. I have lots of frozen food, wafers, pellets, and flakes.

How long does it take for the babies to get old enough to sell them to my LFS or put them in my tank.

Whats the average survival rate of the babies (i know danios have 200-300 eggs)

Lupin 12-29-2006 11:30 PM

I have posted ages ago.

If you can buy another tank, place two layers of marbles as substrate and make sure water is at half level. Then place a shoal of danios inside the tank. 6 is preferred. Males are generally slimmer. Females are plump and almost full of eggs.
With water at half level, the eggs fall faster and slip between the marbles thus predation from adults is averted.
Adults will quickly eat the eggs as soon as they scatter them hence my advice for half-level of water.

Remove the adults after they are done with spawning. Then add Methylene Blue in the tank to protect the eggs from fungus. Aerate the water.
Prepare some brine shrimps or buy liquifry which is available in the lfs.

If not, prepare a hard-boiled egg, then scoop the egg yolk and suspend it in the water in a jar.
*Use this method only when fry is free-swimming.

The fry when hatched have yolk sacs and will stick to the area where they have hatched. They will be free-swimming after a few days in which time they'll search for food.
Provide some riccia fluitans(plants). they harbor microorganisms which serves as food for the fry.
I'd say you sell the fry once they reach 2-3 cm in size. They tend to cost more as adults rather than as fry. The survival rate depends on how you maintain the tank and how you feed them.:)

St6_Devgru 12-30-2006 02:43 AM

danios are "faithful to their mate" sooo, im guessing one male/female pair each? 2m/2f? that sorta thing? yeah that would be best for the ive read

Amphitrite 12-30-2006 05:32 PM

I have bred zebra danios in the past, and found that they needed no encouragement whatsoever. Often I didn't realise I had fry in the tank until doing a gravel vac and the dirty water came out full of fry (I remember once having over seventy fry from one bucket).

They can be very difficult to spot when newly hatched, and what I did was put them in another tank and fed for the first couple of weeks on a product called Liquifry.

I then moved on to crushed flakes and then other foods when they were large enough.

I found that I had a high survival rate - just watch you don't become over-run with them :)

Lonewolfblue 01-17-2007 10:42 PM


Lupin 01-17-2007 10:43 PM

Will have to close this thread.:)

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