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tinydove 02-24-2009 10:28 AM

How to do this Please
Hello. I just changed my 12g FOWLR to a small reef, I upgraded my lights and added a HOB Aquaclear 50 and a HOB 100B Penguin.

I was told by fourm members to use Chemi-Pure Elite and Purigen in my HOB filters. What I need to know is if both these products should and can be used together. Should I put them both in one HOB filter or put one in the AC and one in the Penguin?

Right now I have the sponge and carbon bag that came w/ the AC in that ( I did not use the rings that came with it ) and I have the carbon filter in the Penguin that came w/ that, until my order for the Perigen and Chemi-Pure Elite comes in today.

I also have a coral order due in and just want to make sure I do the Perigen and Chemi right b4 my coral order comes in.

I saw how most use the AC as a HOB fuge and will be doing that also, I will be recieving some pods and cheato w/ my order so I can start my HOB fuge.

Any help w/ the placement of the Perigen and Chemi-Pure Elite would be of great help so I can get it all set for my incoming order.

Thanks all

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